Fart wars

By district12 - 18/02/2012 22:22 - United Kingdom

Today, my family started their own version of the Hunger Games. With farts as their ammo, they've been tackling and gassing everyone until their victim "dies" by surrendering. My house is a flatulent war zone, and I fear waking up blind. FML
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gas them out until they surrender. show no mercy!


gas them out until they surrender. show no mercy!

If they watched the movie first and then started because they thought it would be fun, OP could go ,"ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?"

Or you could "kill" them all. *shrugs*

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Eat broccoli and hard boiled eggs. Wait for the fermentation, then......nothing but sweet revenge is in your hands, or should I say...cheeks.

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And may the stench be ever in your favor!

Hitler tried that and look what happened.

Two ingredients you'll need for the win: Red meat (for quality) Beans (for quantity - can also be substituted with boiled cabbage)

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62 If you read the book, the movie will most likely be a disappointment. Just look at the Percy Jackson movie. They completely butchered the story.

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they should be more worried about pink eye than blindness

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Yeah that's what I'm sayin 91, that's the real danger I'd think

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pink eye could possibly cause blindness.

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I sincerely hope you have a lock on your bedroom door.

Me too, poor OP. Good luck with the pinkeye.

Seeing as he's UK, unlikely. If you put locks on doors that counts it as a separate 'residence' in terms of TV Liscencing, or another £140. Or, to put it another way: if you want to put a TV in your bathroom, you have to pay for another TV License.

The Hunger Games is an amazing book series .. Just sayin'

@29 It is most vexing, yes. The enforcement agency is kind of Orwellian about it. OTOH, no TV license, no BBC.

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Just barricade the door. Problem solved.

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I suggest you stock up on Febreeze.

Or a window? Oh I've got one even better, they all grow up and stop acting like idiots.

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^ Or you can just go out and buy a pack of a sense of humour. Pretty heavy price but its worth it if you arent born with it.

For hunger games, they sure will ruin an appetite.

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Get a #6 from taco bell and some tacos from jack in the box and let the nuke rip.

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Fight your way to the centre of the house. There you will find plentiful beans, and other gaseous munitions provided by your wealthy, generous sponsors. Yeah, I'm talking about your rich grandparents.

Whoop! Whoop! I am OBSESSED with those books!!!! And guess what, the movie comes out the day after MY B- DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They just want a good show! That's all they want!

Run away! May be safer to stay in your room and keep a window open.

Put a stink bomb in each of their pillows!

No, don't do that. Train for the event. Stick your finger up your ass, then waft the aroma.