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Today, my parents confirmed we were going to be taking a Disney World trip for Christmas vacation. I already knew that we were taking a trip, but I was now missing a week of school. Being in 3 honors and an A.P. class, I said that I didn't want to go. I got called an "ungrateful, little prick". FML
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Coming from an honors and AP student since I was in middle school, go on the trip. You can make up the work, you can't make up the memories. It's worth it, trust me!

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You sure have a lot more willpower than me to refuse a Disney world trip. I'm at Disney world right now for my make a wish and it's amazing I hope your able to go on the trip and keep up with your classes if possible!


Hey, sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders. Who cares what other people say

Next time you go on a trip don't let then go with you.

So the ultimate goal here is to prove the parents right? What the hell kinda plan is that?

That must be a hard choice to make OP. On one hand is fun and the other is good classes that suck to makeup.

Coming from an honors and AP student since I was in middle school, go on the trip. You can make up the work, you can't make up the memories. It's worth it, trust me!

From personal experience, 3 honors and an AP isnt even a lot of work

#8 I'll have whatever you're on. But in the world I come from, just one AP and a lot of honors is a hell of a lot of work. This is coming from an AP and Dual Enrollment student. Don't diss the honors man.

On the other hand, I know it's a lot OP, but go on the trip. It's always nice to take a break every once in a while. If not, you may go crazy. Life is too short to be stressing 24/7.

3 honors and 1 AP was my work load in my sophomore year... And I missed like 9 days that year Now I'm a senior with 5 APs. Missed 3 consecutive days. Still doing fine. It's not a lot to cry over

#28 I've been taking all honors since my freshman year and I'm currently a senior. I'm taking 3 APs and the rest honors... It's nothing to complain about #33 knows how it is

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Hey guys, I just graduated from college. AP classes were cake, and then college kicked my ass.

None of us actually know op personally, so we can't say that s/he isn't having trouble in the classes already. AP and honors classes aren't easy for everyone. Everyone is different and learns differently. No one has place comparing his or herself to OP. Not only that, the likelihood is we don't go to op's school, and OP's school could have a much more rigorous schooling experience. Not only that, I would avoid going to Disney world nonetheless if it's with a family as ungrateful and childish as OP's seem to be. I feel like it would suck the fun out of the experience, but that's just me I guess.

Life is way too short. The people here commenting thaf OP did the right thing are obviously still in school. As a college graduate who now has a great job, I can honestly say that if I could go back and just be a kid again, I would definitely do it. You have the rest of your life to work.

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At my school if you miss 5 days in a semester then you automatically fail all of your classes. It's not a private school either, just a regular public school. I wouldn't miss a week of school for Disney World either. I'm very grateful that I've ever been to Disney World, but sometimes parents need to realize that they need to make their amazing plans WITH their kid, so that they don't end up giving them a trip that they can't afford to go to.

I don't think schools can legally do that if you have excused absences.

Where I am studying, "going to Disney for one week" is not an excused absence.

5 days? If we missed 3 days in the entire year we were out of all our "special" classes because it was an automatic failing grade (missing one dropped the entire possible letter grade from A to B, two took you from a B to a C, three meant that you failed because C or lower = a failing grade). No excuses. Death in the family, "bury them and morn them on the weekend", illness or injury with a hospital note, "too bad for you", etc. The only "real excuse" for missing class was if YOU were dead, and I went to a public school.

"From personal experience" lol aw do you feel special? From personal experience, I know 3 different kids who pretended AP classes were easy and they had it all under control. We sort of believed one until he started sobbing during the final, and the other two were held back a grade for failing ALL of their classes. You're an idiot.

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All these people and their "At MY school..." Let me tell you something: NO ONE CARES ABOUT WHAT YOUR SCHOOL IS LIKE. Everyone's school is different. You might get failed for missing one day, but at a different school someone might be able to have 50 unexcused absences and not be penalized. (Yes, I know 50 is extreme, it's a hyperbole, people.) We don't know if OP could miss the full week without penalty or if they could only miss one or two days before they started failing. We will have to wait for a follow up.

If it's excused, meaning your parents called (including for Disney World), you could miss as many days as you want. My friend missed 3 consecutive weeks because she didn't want to go, and she still passed. No consequences.

Lmao #113, idk how my comment would make me feel "special." It sounds like those people you knew in AP classes are complete idiots. No matter how many down votes I got before, what I said is completely true. AP classes are harder but they're nothing to cry about or cause you to fail other classes. If you can't do it you're either lazy, have a disability, or an idiot and that's a fact. Most likely, those people didn't apply themselves and try hard enough.

Yeah, nothing shows gratitude for having an intelligent and pragmatic child like calling the child a little prick. Mean AND hypocritical; that's quite the combination.

It's a cliche combination. Those two traits often come as a package.

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You sure have a lot more willpower than me to refuse a Disney world trip. I'm at Disney world right now for my make a wish and it's amazing I hope your able to go on the trip and keep up with your classes if possible!

I once volunteered for the Make a Wish Foundation and it was AWESOME!! It was a Thursday so they were celebrating Christmas. Before we began, they gave us a tour of the place and it is amazing. I cried a couple of times during the tour. Anyways, I hope you're having a great time!

They're still just high school classes, you'll be fine. You're parents are offering you a great trip, go on it.

I commend you for wanting to keep up with your classes. But work can be made up, and a week missed school isn't going to kill you, grades only matter so much. Your parents went out of there way to plan a nice (expensive) family trip so that you could have fun and make memories together. So by saying that to them you are actually being ungrateful. Yes it's great that you are smart, and that you have honors in school, but that doesn't mean you can't live too. And by not going it would also be a cruel stab to your family. Just think when your 30 or 40, whats going to feel better, saying "I stayed home from a fun family trip but I didn't miss any school! I didn't make any memories or have any fun but I hurt my family." Or saying "Hey I went on that awesome trip and had fun with my family, I'll never forget all the memories we made together. we still joke about some of it today. I'm so glad I missed school for it." Take the trip. And seriously take a step back and realize that it is ungrateful what you said.

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Well put! I missed a lot of fun things in college just to study & keep my 4.0. Know who cares about my GPA now? NO ONE!! If you can handle those classes now, You'll be able to make it up when you get back.

Exactly, and honors and AP class aren't that challenging. Yeah it's w big work load, but you can make it up.

I doubt it will really hurt their family like you seem to think. And why would anyone plan a trip that would take their child out of school for a whole week. That's irresponsible and the kid becomes that jerk that missed a week for no good reason. We always hated that kid in high school, especially in advanced classes. Memories are fine, but education is so much more important. Their family will get over it. School is more important than going on vacation after you already had one.

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49, u are the person that no one likes. If you think education and school is the important or is the most important thing then you are out of your mind. School only gets you so far but guess what when you are sad or angry or upset or just failed a test or just got fired from a job, do u know who is by your side every step of the way, YOUR FAMILY!! So yah op is being ungrateful because ap and honors classes can be made up but spending time with your family cannot.

@49 why would you hate someone that missed a week of school? It's literally none of your business and doesn't even effect.

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Your children are going to hate you lol

At my school these would be unexcused absences and she wouldn't be allowed to make up the work. Our classes were so if you missed one day you missed two days of work. So no.

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Really 80, u start being a grammar nazi come on bro. Why can't you just accept that I type u. And for th people that say it's and unexcused absence, it's not if you bring a note signed by your mom and just talk to the teachers. It's honestly all about how a person communicates with the teachers. If they do then it's fine but if they don't well then that might be a problem

Family is more important than school/work. Unless you have to do it every single time. Then you have to prioritize. You are being an ungrateful prick tho. I wish I could go.