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  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Well, the deal is that he had the feelings BEFORE he found out that the OP wasn't his real brother.
And of course, OP can only think of him as his real brother, even if he's not, so to the OP it is disturbing.

Wonder how that came about though? Most species, including humans, have a natural mechanism in them that doesn't allow that kind of "sibling bonding," even if they were merely raised together rather than born together... or so I thought.
Unless it's different for gays, since they can't procreate with each other... I mean, there is no chance for retarded babies there, so "no harm done"?
Except no species except humans thinks on the same plains we do, and so we find "sibling bonding" in general incorrect no matter what sibling you bond with, because we set up morals.

  fuckyourlife8  |  0

Haha, Aussie boys are very hot ; )

But guys who have always wanted to have sex with somebody they thought they were related to, aren't so hot. Good luck sleeping in the same house as him.