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25 - Is it not possible that he was fishing off a boat or private pier? I spend a lot of time fishing, on both public and private property, and I have never seen anything that says 'You must have a license.'
And ALL states require a fishing license.
YDI for breaking the law.

  tjv3  |  10

well you need a lic to drive and hunt too. if you do either without them and get caught they give you a ticket . if you don't pay said ticket they then issue a warrant for your arrest. it is called the law and laws apply to everyone including you , you twit. I guess you thought that the law applied to everyone except you? did you think you were some how exempt or special or above the law? YDI

  Ardee_fml  |  0

Fishing without a license is a gateway crime! Now you say, "oh whatever" next day your boosting cars, then next week...murder.
(I'm joking, my mom always pulls that on me though)

  True_Legend  |  0

lmao!stop over exaggerating just for thumbs ups you douch, im sure you only saw 3 of my like 12 comments of all time . since when i saw this it was super new i decided to comment something random , its funny how much you act like a bitch at random just for thumbs up.

  sxe_beast  |  11

It was in response the to the lemonade comment. I recently saw a story on the news where cops shut down a kid's lemonade stand. The cost of a permit in that city/state is 50 dollars a day or 2,800 a year (I think) to be allowed to run that type of business.

  BlackbeltSubo  |  4

It's not about making money, fishing licenses are their so that whichever body of water you fish in is fished sustainably and not above the maximum sustainable yield causing fish populations to decrease to a level where one event e.g. a new disease can cause extinction. Essentially they exist so that every Joe Bloggs and his mother don't go fishing 4 times s week and therefore endanger the population.

By  TheSchizoPsycho  |  5

that's stupid. I speed storage 10 mph over the limit, don't wear my seatbelt, and have a light bar on the roof of my truck that I use illegally to get through red lights. I haven't gotten a ticket yet.

  lidemocr  |  0

well whether the law catches up with you or not the truth is that you are an absolute idiot and you will get yours one way or the other. i just hope you don't hurt or kill someone other than yourself in the process. with that being said I call BS on your story. good day.

  hellokimmiee  |  5

Is it bad if i laugh when i see him on the news for crashing and dying on impact because 1. he was going too fast 2. he didn't have his seatbelt on 3. he was clearly asking for it? :X
And also because he was the schizo psycho?

  dolphingirl00  |  0

you know how idiotic you sound?? you sound like a jerky cheating redneck who doesn't understand that rules and laws are there for a reason. so, when a cop does catch you and gives you a nice big fine or what not, I'll be laughing.