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Today, I found out that every single picture that I have ever sent to my boyfriend, his father has also received. Every. Single. One. FML
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Wow, that's highly creepy and your boyfriend should have told you about that. If your boyfriend didn't know, I'd still be very uncomfortable around his dad.


Heh, he must've enjoyed it considering you're just finding this out.

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I want to know how OP finally found out. Follow up needed..

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real question is how did it happen from 1st place?

Her boyfriend was forwarding them to his dad. /s

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No. It's actually easy to set up. Every message my little niece gets her mom sees it because it's through a email type of thing

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They probably have family sharing set up If they all have iPhones which enables you to share everything whether you want to or not

Wow, that's highly creepy and your boyfriend should have told you about that. If your boyfriend didn't know, I'd still be very uncomfortable around his dad.

I'm guessing that the boyfriend didn't know and his father wasn't saying anything, just enjoying the pics :)

bluebluhblou 15

Sharing is caring.. But imagine if the wife saw the pictures on the dads phone

My cousin was using my uncle's ipad for a photography exhibition, and one of her friends took a picture of their boobs. Of course they share their cloud account, so it came up on their phones and Mac. Caused a few arguments...

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Probably cause even though he is in possession of such pictures, the law states clearly if you send it you're in trouble. So unless OP is looking to get arrested also, id advise not to report it.

6. op is likely a minor and under his fathers phone plan they must have it set up so the father can see what the child does. I doubt the father is being pervy, just protective overall

Reading comprehension of the first few words "don't have enough background information" Either way if she's not in the know, I don't see how she deserves it unless she's under 16 which id find unlikely Also you're incorrect about how the law works unless these people are paying for their own phone plans which is incredibly unlikely if they are underage If they are underage the phone plan is likely in their parents name. Therefore, the parent technically owns the phone. Lawyers will say that the parent is held liable. There are too many conclusions to jump to, and overall I think it's just a big legal mess of violation of privacy and trust.

Actually, it's illegal to send nude photos if you're underage also. not only would pervy dad get jail time, but she would too for distribution of child pornography.

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Why is this comment downvoted? It's ******* true...

They call it...the iCloud. It syncs all pics from said device to all devices on the cloud. So I doubt the father was peeping at this girls pictures. And if you send nudes you distributed it yourself, whether or not your a minor will decide if you're also charged with child pornography...but if you took the picture yourself and sent it it's not like he as spying on you and taking them.. But even if you don't get charged yourself why would you report your bf's father? That would kill your relationship would it not? I also question how they found out he has them all, for if he told them he obviously didn't approve and therefore isn't "pervy"

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58, If the father was being protective of his underage son, he would have mentioned something when he got the first suggestive photo. By the sound of it, he just enjoyed his pics. Its still illegal to possess underage nudes. Even if you didn't ask for them or actively look for them. "She just randomly sent them to me" isn't a valid defense.

You guys are assuming too much... OP's age, the nature of the photos (nude/provocative, based on a generic ", the very reaction of the boyfriend's father, the fact that he SEES every picture rather than just somehow receives (iCloud? Seriously, how one can know that?)... who knows what's really going on? Stop assuming without proper background. Based on the writing of the FML, I could only vote FYL...

#68 its because we're funny that way here in FML land, and there are numerous ways this could have happened either intentionally or unintentionally. The fact is if you put it out there, there is no longer any expectation of privacy. When was the last time you developed a roll of film? Waaaay back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and everyone had to *gasp* memorize phone numbers, talk to people either in person or on a landline, use a library catalog to look up information, be able to use a map, and take pictures on a roll of film that had to be developed, this was not an issue. Private photos were...private. Walmart wouldn't print your nude photos or photos of nude children. You don't have that issue now. You can take whatever kind of picture you want, and send it to whoever you want to. They can then plaster it all over the Internet when they get mad at you, and it is there forever. When you're 99 years old, people will still be looking at pics of your 20 year old ass online. It is illegal for minors to send nude photos, and it is, as it has been for years, illegal for you to possess photos of nude minors. This FML doesn't specify age. There are countless applications that allow you to monitor everything your child sends and receives, or texts, or posts on social media, all visible on your handheld computer/ smart phone. There isn't really enough information to make a judgement that the father is a perv as we don't know how or why he received the pictures. Maybe he didn't do anything illegal to obtain them. We don't know that he kept them. The fact is that if she doesn't want pedos out there looking at her nudie pics, she shouldn't be sending or saving them on her phone. I have exactly zero nude photos on my phone. How many do you have?

I can see why this guy can get arrested because if it happened once and he said hey your pictures are coming through to my phone and warned them from the beginning but this seems to have been going on for awhile. but if it is his sons phone plan he has the right to see what's on his phone but the son should have gotten in trouble or told that he new what they were doing. It seems his father just sit back and let her keep sending pictures as he received them instead of him stopping it from the beginning.

It does not exactly specify how long they were doing it though so she could have just sent a bunch and he said it the next day that he got them. We honestly do not have enough information on this to be able to judge but its her fault for sending them out because now anyone can see because people share those types of things.

No its not her fault. There's nothing wrong with taking and sharing intimate photos with someone you love and trust, but there's a lot wrong with the guy somehow letting his father see them, or the father invading his son's privacy.

holy cow you guys sure have a lot of spare time

#116 how in the world does writing a comment mean we have a lot of spare time? you must have a lot of spare time to look threw the comments and write yours.

the dad might have felt uncomfortable mentioning this to op and besides he may have ignored the photos after that. its not like he spent hours at a time staring at them.

That must mean you have his approval...

Somehow, this FML seems like OP could be underage, in which case the dad could be in serious trouble.

Or not, because he did not ask for the pictures. Your logic would mean that I could send nudes to someone and get them arrested + registered offender.

Are you sure about this? The father was aware that he was getting all the pictures that OP send to her boyfriend. He could have mentioned it to them and prevent the gf from sending anymore pictures. I have no idea what the law says about this, but does this means that the father could be in possession of child pornography? Anyone here that knows if the father could be charged with anything?

Yep. You can send someone pics and then get them charged for having child **** on their phone. Just like you can fed-ex someone some drugs and call the cops during the transit time to set them up. They'll probably be able to talk their way out of it, but it's never good to be investigated for that kind of thing.

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I am pretty sure he could be charged with something to do with stalking. I'm not 100% sure but I think thats what would happen (I took a law course I while back I am trying to remeber but I'm not positive) But that's only if she is of legal age. If she's not then he could be charged with possession of child pornography.

@33 This would be a different story if this only happend once and if the OP wasn't underaged. You are completely ignoring the fact, that the father has received pictures more than one time. He was aware of the fact that he was receiving the pictures and didn't do anything to stop it. Also, if you have any evidence that the father can't be charged with anything, I would love to see it.

I wasn't ignoring anything. I was responding to #24.

Yeah, I know you were replying to 24. I was just refering to the part where you said that they probably can talk themselve out of getting charged. This might be the case if it only happpend once. In this case it seem highly unlikely.

In this particular case, we don't know if OP is underaged. If he/she is, then yep, the dad is pretty much ******. The boyfriend is pretty much ******. And OP too for producing and distributing it. If OP isn't underage, there's no real crime here. A dad being a douchebag, sure. But no real crime. As for the talking their way out of it, I'm referring to the person who gets sent a bunch of pictures or drugs one time and not referring to this FML in particular. Sorry if I wasn't being clear.

Everyone is also assuming that OP sent nude pics, which may not have been the case. She may have only send a few silly/embarrassing pics.