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Today, I learned that when a man in the row in front of you at a movie theater tells you to shut up, you shouldn't tell him to fuck off. He might be 6'4 with a short temper. FML
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You are the worst kind of person, talking through a movie. You monster.


I hope you enjoyed your ass beating. YDI

I hate stupid people that talk during movies. I had these girls who were taking selfies with flash throughout the whole movie.

I feel you. When I went to see Mockingjay Pt. 1, the theater was full so we had to sit in front of these obnoxious girls. They apparently hadn't read the book, because anytime anything happened, they shrieked and yelled, "What just happened?!"

some people honestly have no respect. I mean maybe if they were paying attention they'd understand what was going on. I'm sorry they were being loud and obnoxious and I hope you enjoyed your movie other then that little incident :)

Definitely. I'd love to see some jerk get beat for talking in a theater. I'll get up out of my seat to tell people off if they do that around me or mess with their phone. Ignorant.

They deserve it not only for talking during the movie, but for being rude to someone who told them to stop talking. Is it that hard to be quiet during a movie?

OP was the one who was talking in a movie theatre.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is why you don't talk during movie!

that, and the general sense of not wanting to be a douche!

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53, you lack the utmost tact with your comments.

dude too soon.. that will always be too soon

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#53&#86, both of your comments are extremely tasteless.

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I wanna know what happened at Aurora, CO... I'd look it up, but I have no idea what search terms to use. Any help here? (I know this will be thumbed down, but I'm really curious and just want to know)

You are the worst kind of person, talking through a movie. You monster.

I hope OP's punishment is equal to that which was demonstrated in the theater scene of Scary Movie.

Think of the children!! Oh won't somebody please think of the children!!

I hate people who talk to their friends DURING a movie..YDI

thank you number 6. my wife is black and she fills that stereotype. i refuse to even watch tv with her

You shouldn't be talking during a movie anyways

Why are you talking so much in a movie to have the mongoloid in front of you to tell you to shut up? OP, YTDI. The "T" stands for totally. Now maybe your butt learned about a concept known as social etiquette.

#8: You're right on, it's hard to take a lecture on social etiquette seriously in the same comment you use the word "Mongoloid". That term has a lot of racial baggage.

YDI. I've paid to enjoy the movie, not listen to someone run their mouth through it. It is just disrespectful.

IKR! There's a difference between quietly murmuring something to your friend next to you, and being a loud ********

Hopefully you learned something from this

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Talking through the movie and being an asshole to a stranger? You are the worst kind of person.

not true in Cali last week two men tried to buy a baby t the grocery store for one of two reasons. I think they are the worst people. it made national news

Last year an ex cop shot and killed a man in the movie theatre for texting. The man was texting his kids babysitter during previews. The craziest part is they went through the shooters phone and he had just been texting his son before he shot someone else for texting. Gotta love Florida