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Today, I had to go to a public restroom. I have anxiety problems and can't go unless I'm the only one in the room. Another girl came in right after me, and I was waiting for her to leave. She was also waiting. After a while, I left first and had to hold my pee for a few more hours. FML
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OP here, I can't believe this got posted! First of all, I was at school when this happened, I went during lunch. I left when lunch was about over and I had to go to class. I know I need to overcome my fears, I've been this way for a long time. I'm also very shy. I don't usually tell people about it because they just think it's pathetic or stupid. My anxiety influences actions I make on a daily basis, and it sucks. I appreciate the sympathy, and the tips! I'll definitely keep trying to overcome it.

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Seems like a good time to learn to get over your anxiety. I hope you eventually overcome it OP.


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Lets stop this cuz this song's oooolddddddd

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Go be a downer somewhere else 29.

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It was funny the first time, now its getting really annoying because everyone is doing it all of the time. I'm not trying to be downer or anything, just being honest. ahaha..

Let it pee, let it pee, let it pee! Let pee-ee, yeah let it pee! Speaking words of wisdom, let it pee!

It's not that easy! I have a shy bladder and it is nearly impossible for me to pee in a public bathroom around others. I really have to force it. Sometimes I just give up to. It's just less awkward that way. Though leaving can lead to an accident to. Decisions decisions.

That sucks OP:( I hope the wait wasn't too bad

No she didn't specify on how bad the few hours more wait was

Does waiting a few hours to pee sound like fun to you? Because I've done it before and it's horrible.

No it doesn't sound fun the point I'm trying to make is hopefully there was something to distract OP or something along those lines, so that the wait wasn't as bad

I just pictured OP walking past all manner of water features while trying to hold it in. Like some guy watering his lawn, a fountain, a lemonade stand, an open hydrant, and so on.

Seems like a good time to learn to get over your anxiety. I hope you eventually overcome it OP.

Think of it this way OP. Others are too worried about themselves to pay any attention to you in the bathroom. I'm not gonna say don't worry about it cause I know it's not that simple but just think of the relief and freedom you will feel when you stop caring what others think. Adopt an IDGAF attitude .

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Hey, and everyone pees. Fun fact: if you lay toilet paper in the water of a toilet, it will muffle your pee. Maybe that'll help. Good luck with your anxiety issues OP!

I used to cover my ears and pretend that if I could'nt hear it; no one else could either! that worked 9/10 for me :) and alse the toiletpaper in the toilet trick. after 10 years I can finally pee in public bathrooms! OP can do it too!

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I used to have the same phobia and I would do what 59 said. It's weird because the phobia came out of nowhere. Eventually I just stopped caring.

Anxiety isn't something you "overcome."

If you're at a mall maybe try different floors? Usually higher floors far from eateries have less people.

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There are women at my work who poop loud, bubbly, squirty diarrhea while in the public restrooms. They dont care who hears.

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Everyone should poop with a passion anywhere they are.

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At least you can handle going into a public washroom... I wish I was as gutsy as you.

Make friends with her and use each other for guard duty while the other is in the bathroom.

Damn OP. Maybe you could've asked her to leave.

If she's afraid of being in the same restroom has another person, she's then probably afraid of asking too.

Best way to overcome a fear is face it OP. Everybody pees, so it's not something to be embarrassed about. Besides holding it in can lead to kidney problems.

I totally feel you. Just let it rip and blame it on them next time!

How?! They were the only two in there. Is she going to be like "Oh that's nasty. How could you do that? In a bathroom of all places?"

idk man, it's not a lie if you believe it. lol

@60 did you swallow stupid pills? If you believe it it's true? Ha yea right, I'm now a billionaire.