By Anonymous - 30/08/2011 04:46 - United States

Today, at work, I was walking to the back office, and I didn't know my manager was following me. After I walked through the door, without looking, I reached behind me to close it. Instead of grabbing the door handle, I got a handful of his crotch. FML
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Which one felt better?

Did you pull the knob???


Which one felt better?

iLOLatURpain69 7

'A handful of my his crotch'

So their crotches are one in the same? My God... You can wank both of them at once and it'll feel twice as good! So fucking lucky!

Looks like you grabbed the wrong knob.

OP, is your boss a genuine creep, or did you just make him sound like one the way you worded the FML? If he is, then he probably enjoyed it anyway...

krazy_glu3 0

If you help him finish, you might get a raise. Go go go go!!

did he say "ooo girl"

Might be a lawsuit depending on how firm you pulled his knob.

SirObvious 1

Sounds like a promotion to me

juicedboi 7

-51 oh I bet OP got a big raise out of him.

SwaggerMelon 6

Is he a tall guy or are the doorknobs low?

82 I don't think it is that, but it's just you go until you feel the knob, if you know what I mean.

EVERY FML that mentions anything related to an occupation has a slew of "raise" comments. Get some new material, people.

^ Or perhaps you're not clever enough to realize that by "raise", they're not talking about money, but rather... something going up.

I would really want to know what happened afterwards...

aznpiboy24 5

Stalker Boss >:)

Get ready for that raise!

Since you're the new can do whatever you want! You're pretty much an assistant-boss now! Congrats.

Which kind of raise, silver? I was thinking flaccid to stiff.

Has to be a copy I remember this one before


mruizk9 7

u liked it ;)

BehindU 5

Dont see why your complaining both you and your boss got a raise.

Plot twist OP is a guy

Did you pull the knob???

Grabbed the wrong knob, haha

A handful of my his crotch?

OP couldn't make her/his mind up.

Did you get a raise at least?

I see what you did there! nice one man :D

schaflava 0

We see what you did there. Get off his nuts!

I bet the manager got a raise.

OP should expect a bonus cuming up soon.

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whatever you say captain obvious

84-... Way to ruin it.

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I hope you look before eating a cucumber at lunch.

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I've seen this one posted before.