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Today, at work, I was walking to the back office, and I didn't know my manager was following me. After I walked through the door, without looking, I reached behind me to close it. Instead of grabbing the door handle, I got a handful of his crotch. FML
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So their crotches are one in the same? My God... You can wank both of them at once and it'll feel twice as good! So ******* lucky!

OP, is your boss a genuine creep, or did you just make him sound like one the way you worded the FML? If he is, then he probably enjoyed it anyway...

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If you help him finish, you might get a raise. Go go go go!!

Might be a lawsuit depending on how firm you pulled his knob.

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Sounds like a promotion to me

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-51 oh I bet OP got a big raise out of him.

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Is he a tall guy or are the doorknobs low?

82 I don't think it is that, but it's just you go until you feel the knob, if you know what I mean.

EVERY FML that mentions anything related to an occupation has a slew of "raise" comments. Get some new material, people.

^ Or perhaps you're not clever enough to realize that by "raise", they're not talking about money, but rather... something going up.

I would really want to know what happened afterwards...

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Since you're the new can do whatever you want! You're pretty much an assistant-boss now! Congrats.

Which kind of raise, silver? I was thinking flaccid to stiff.

Has to be a copy I remember this one before

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Dont see why your complaining both you and your boss got a raise.

I see what you did there! nice one man :D

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We see what you did there. Get off his nuts!

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I hope you look before eating a cucumber at lunch.

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I've seen this one posted before.