By Anonymous - 18/09/2013 21:47 - United States - Bowling Green

Today, I found out my roommate Skypes my friends on my laptop when I'm away. Not only that, he covers his face and shows them his junk. My friends no longer answer Skype calls from me. FML
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Dodge4x4Ram 46

password protected would be my advice

Change your passwords and try and explain... But I doubt they'll believe you :(


Dodge4x4Ram 46

password protected would be my advice

little_excel 5

That's why you don't lend out your laptop or phone with personal info on there

Since they're roommates, I'm assuming OP didn't lend it to him, he probably just took it out of OP's bedroom. But yeah, always have a password, for exactly this reason.

OP should totally get a password, and he/she should just write in the chat thing on Skype if they're not answering the calls..

Change your passwords and try and explain... But I doubt they'll believe you :(

Well there is one way to prove that it wasn't OP's junk...

I hope you're able to get in touch with your mates and can explain what happened. As for your flatmate, time to get a new one.

Why wouldn't you atleast log out of skype?

Probably because it's easier. I used to have my Facebook set to always be logged in so I wouldn't have to type my email and password and wait for it to load every time, and no password on my laptop for the same reason. I wasn't worried since I never let anyone near my laptop, but I learned my lesson the hard way when I forgot it at my boyfriend's house and he went through all my private documents, and all my personal messages on Facebook. Now I have passwords for everything.

you got mad at him for invading your privacy right?

I hope you broke up with him for that. I had an ex do exactly the same thing. He went through my room, my desk, and tried to get on my computer. He got mad when I would not tell him the password. He tried the argument "if you have nothing to hide..." on me and I broke up with him.

ghil15 8

i guess you need a new room mate!..

Ha ha ha...sounds like an awesome friend. You on the other hand have never heard of security features. Trust no one!!! Access to technology of somebody else is like getting there bank pin and card.

Who does that ? Lol But yeah, change your password or delete it altogether. contact your friends and explain the situation, hopefully they know you well enough to believe you :)

Couldn't have made a better comment offering a solution than this one...

You could try face time or just call them, or make a new Skype account and put a password on your computer.

Maybe they won't speak to you because the pictured junk, made them feel inadequate.