By Sunny - 18/09/2013 22:59 - Canada - Ottawa

Today, every time I write the word "analyst," I can't help but giggle because it begins with "anal." I'm 24, and studying to be a conflict analyst. FML
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Trust me, you're not the only one.

I suggest you grow up before starting your career.


Trust me, you're not the only one.

I'll never be able to see that word the same way again.

SmallyBigs 9

He'll be anally conflicted

I had a choir teacher in eighth grade who would say ANAL-ysis and pit emphasis on anal. Now that I think back on it... I'm really creeped out.

I looked at my friend's schedule at the beginning of the school year. He took Math Analysis. The schedule shortened it to, "Math Anal"

AurumPotestasEst 16

Hahahaha... it ends in "lyst!"

Well its your duty now, wait did I say duty? That's real close to anal!

But alas, you failed.

... epicly

Spider_Web 11


I suggest you grow up before starting your career.

I find life is much more fun actually if you hold on to your inner-child...

#15: No one likes a giggling conflict analyst. OP can grow up and stop giggling or she will fail.

As long as you act professional while doing your job, what's the problem?

You sound like a boring person, I'm sorry.

I agree, life is short, why take everything so serious when we're only gonna live for a short time... I learned that after I fractured my skull lol

Growing up doesn't necessarily mean you need to stop having a sense of humor or fun.

Everyone has those moments, even when we're in our forties, so my parents say. At least we know where you stand on the maturity scale, though :P haha

Lightcrusade 9

Not just an exit, but also an entrance!

andrealovvve 17 (x

I still giggle at rude words and I'm 33 so don't worry, least you'll have a laugh at work!

NotGabe 28

I choked on my drink when I read "whisper me" too closely together.

If you find, that in your own terms, doing that is bad, just try and find out how to not do it.

Conflict anal-list!

A list of anal conflicts? That's nasty.

sounds like you have a dilemma

Or a conflict...