By changeddaily - 20/03/2011 04:52 - Australia

Today, I was telling my friend how lonely I am on Skype. He responded by deleting me as a friend. FML
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I've found that people who act or have depression or are lonely tend to exacerbate the problem by bringing the topics up in normal conversation. It just bums everyone out.


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The op complains to much. Get a real social life. Is it so hard to go out and meet people? Stupid kids are just attached to their computers all day. They would probably die in a country with no computers or technology.

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Lol thats funny I would have done the same as a joke.

lmfaoo fyi he's not really your friend

Very good indeed ;) ( not creepin' just complimentin' )

Im sorry, YDI. You probably ran off all your other friends by talking to them about your loneliness. For future reference, not a good conversation topic.

Wow, with friends like that.. FYL, OP.

maybe he was showing you just how lonely you are; if you started crying and committed suicide, we can safely assume that you are extremely lonely

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Be nice Mini...he's just a kid and has no idea what words can do. Smile, there is a turtle chasing you! ;)

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I have no idea why people can't joke about suicide they're weak minded people who brought it on themselves

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lol 4. people who get offended by words need to grow up and learn a joke. everyones so PC these days....

sorry if I offended anyone I meant it as a joke

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Joking about sour emotions and or especially suicide is NEVER funny....just saying...let the thumbs down begin...

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I hate that. it sucks fyl op

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Find a new man who actually loves you.

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i honestly wouldn't know meeting girls through uni is easy, must be hard out there in the real world.

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who said this guy was a BF? who said this guy was straight? many things to be answered before posting your comment.

Get off Skype and go socialize, OP. But still, FYL.

They can delete you off Skype, but not from real life. FYL

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Yeah, it's called a bullet. :P

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True that. Although it would be convienant. Be like stfu b4 I CONTROL+ALT+DELETE your ass.

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People who whine about being lonely on social media platforms need to log off and work on their social lives in the real world. it's not difficult to make friends and then use sites like Skype and Facebook to keep in touch. lack of friends is no one's fault but your own.

Well, FML is a good place find sympathy.

it's difficult for me because I find it hard to speak, let alone socialise, however I'm just unlucky so it is my fault :/

Pff, it's not like making friends is the easiest thing to do for everyone. I have very bad social skills, you can't really blame me for that.

well we can blame you but you don't have to agree :-) anyway op, I know what it's like to not want to go out or find the motivation to make friends, but it will happen when you least expect.

People like OP who complain about their lives over the internet annoy me, particularly because when everyone logs onto a social networking site they all turn depressed and lonely and complain about their lives, go out socialise and live your life OP.

nice one you cold hearted bastard. get into the 21st century you geezer

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wow lol. earlier I commented and said that it seemed to be fake and someone moderated it... lol