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Today, I applied for a dental insurance that claims "you cannot be denied". I was denied. FML
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wow you must have some pretty bad teeth lol


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wow you must have some pretty bad teeth lol

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I saw that movie a couple days. Really sucked, but makes you wonder if she could get dental

should've read the six pages of fine print.

oh man, it's stuck in my head now,, DENTAL PLAN!

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something tells me you must have a bad credit rating, not earn enough to pay the monthly fees or have some massive outstanding debt. in the case of the first and last i have no sympathy for you and you deserve it. if its the poor income, then i must say FYL. slightly off topic but im so sick of hearing from assbags who get themselves into debt that they refuse to pay and then complaining because they cant get anywhere in life now.

There probably was some footnote that you must have missed :(

Simple reason... You break too many teeth. ;)

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Or, this is their punishment for the years of meth. Meth mouth is winning.

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i beg to differ. That's rock bottom When this life makes you mad enough to kill That's Rock Bottom When you want something bad enough to steal That's Rock Bottom When you feel you have had it up to here Cause you mad enough to scream but you sad enough to tear

no no no. when dwayne Johnson slams you to the floor after "The People's Elbow" That is ROCK BOTTOM

really? op wasn't physically or financially put out.... just find anther insurer!

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awh crykee it's another aussie!!! standing in the midst of it's naturrohl habitat, you stare and there's absohlutely no movement wowzerz D: come over hereh and ya jerk me awf like this "eh" "eh" 8=====================D~O: splat!!

you know I have never heard an Aussie say 'sue them'... I've seen mates fall in super markets on spills, I fell into a uncovered drain and my bf broke his ankle on a cracked, unleveled bit of concrete.... get up, laugh it off.... yet you wanna sue for false advertising? man the **** up and get some bloody balls!

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@54 clever wording goes a long way.

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#47. your boyfriend is a trooper for laughing off a broken ankle.

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I guess you learned the hard way that you are supposed to brush your teeth every day.

Aah, the Fine Print. That's how they always get you.

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