By Sadness - 07/10/2013 18:55 - United States - Atlanta

Today, I have been home sick and depressed for so long that I just found Oreo crumbs in my belly button. FML
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You'd probably feel better if you took a shower and went outside.


\ 28

It could have been breast cancer. Or a Cheeto lodged under OP's shirt.

Sad n gross? Yea. But your own fault. Go outside and get some sun. Join a club or do something that interests you besides food and tv

Your family guy joke doesn't really make sense here #9?

But isn't that what you're supposed to find in there?

OscarDV 8

You think that's gross? I would have ate the crumbs! You can't let Oreos go to waste.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

38, that's disgusting. Not funny at all.

Hey 39...... I thought it was pretty god damn hilarious.

#13 Op says she is sick. Sometimes going outside isn't an option. It also sounds like the depression might be linked to the illness (which really sucks OP I know) and other people's misconceptions that "you're only ill because you don't go out" rather than seeing that being ill stops you going out, can make the depression so much worse because it shows jusy how much they don't understand. It's no fun being blamed by others, even just in their heads, for something that's not your fault.

Home sick, not sick. And either way sick, homesick, or depressed, there is no excuse for horrible hygiene.

I'm pretty sure OP meant they're home sick, not "homesick." I mean, how would being homesick have anything to do with getting Oreos stuck in your belly button?! Obviously, even if OP was presumably homesick, that doesn't mean they wouldn't be showering and going outside to do whatever it is that they would have to do to continue living. I think the point of the FML was to say that they've been stuck at home for so long, dealing with sickness and depression, and possibly being bedridden, that they just found Oreos in their belly button due to their lack of ability to properly care for their hygiene. I can sympathise because I spent the better part of this year in a similar situation due to a fractured hip and subsequent hip replacement. So yeah, I know what's it's like to be stuck at home with an illness and the depression it can lead to.

Well, you have the best kind of cookie choice.

I don't get what's wrong with finding Oreo crumbs in your belly button, no part of the Oreo was wasted, and you have a tasty ice cream topping for later! Right?

I don't like oreo cookies. They're too chocolaty.

You can get golden ones. Those are the ones I like

AnOriginalName 19

#98, you may not contain nuts, you ARE nuts. Nobody doesn't like Oreos.... Or Sara Lee. Or whatever the hell bread it is.

this is the LAST time I eat and read FMLs at the same time. when will I ever learn

You'd probably feel better if you took a shower and went outside.

Op should be happy not having an outie. those look so weird

The fml says that op is ill! What is with all the people telling op to go outside? Perhaps the illness is forcing op to be cooped up inside. Next time, read the whole fml before making a stupid suggestion.

Unless you're on your deathbed you can go outside for a bit. Sit on your porch or something I'm not saying to go running. It's a paragraph long, do you really think I just glazed over the sick bit?

#111 OP isn't "I'll" he's HOME SICK, he misses home! how about you re read the entire thing instead of racking on others for giving good advice such as going outside or better yet, just go home!

I think there's a difference between homesick and home sick homesick= missing home home sick= ill and at home or maybe it's just where I'm from?

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That's what I thought it was also...

You have to be trolling. The comma between home and sick is implied.

HarleyBlues 24

Time to get yourself a glass of milk and some peanut butter.

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Well in your defense Oreos are delicious so you made a fantastic choice there

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I suggest you clean that out before you get some kind of bacterial infection,feel better soon OP.

I feel like thats the worst infection you could get, an oreo infection.

Save money, grow Oreos straight from you're own belly button!

CallMeMcFeelii 13

If belly buttons had the ability to make things grow, I'd have like a million kids by now.

no... #43 just won 2 whole internets; collect 10 and see michael jackson from beyond the grave

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Time to get out of your funk, OP. And work on your personal hygiene. But seriously, try video chatting with your loved ones on a regular basis. Not the real thing but it helps actually seeing that person. Also, consider saving up some money for a plane ticket home. Feel better!

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How did this turn into a thing about homesickness?? OP missed a comma. Should've read "..home, sick and depressed.."

Oh, did you write the FML? No? Then you can't correct it with any surety.

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Homesick or home and sick, feel better. Maybe I did mix it up lol.

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better get in there nice and deep like to clean that out...