By BOOP - 17/02/2012 13:25 - United States

Today, I took my grandmother for a spin in my new car. Apparently, she had no idea that seat-warmers exist and that hers was turned on, because fifteen minutes into the ride she started shouting, "My ass is on fire!" causing me to swerve into a pole. FML
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That was no seat warmer - grandma had pooped herself.

iseyixes 18

You should definitely not be driving if you don't know how to keep control of the wheel just because the passenger shouted. I'm glad it was a pole and not a person.


...or told her not to bring her ass along for the ride. donkeys are no good for car rides with their jive talkin homeboy lingo!

8stringGuitarist 3

I don't get how her shouting caused him to crash.

EvilTwerp 12

31- If someone told me they were injured in any sort of way, or to watch out, I'd turn my head in that direction, or check on the passenger to make sure. Therefore not watching the road can cause accidents.

8stringGuitarist 3

35-not looking and swerving are two different things

Op should have chilled the **** out slowed down, pulled over, and turned off the seat warmer for her, idk just seems like an over reaction imo

thebottomdog 0

Not a ydi but this could have been prevented while sitting in the car you could have said " grandma look at the cool features"

preventable here. However a friend of mine wre ked her car a few weeks ago by sneezing while driving and smacking a telephonep pole. Regardless OP, should not have flipped out. This one is on you

MackenzieWells 0

Wht she doesn't know won't hurt her...

yes it's your fault not your grandmas one you tell her first two you don't have it on three you don't have it on to high at all lowest minimum is enough you should know old ppl have fragile skin

I guess you should have thought harder about old people and technology, but then again, hindsight is always 20/20. FYL OP, hope you had fun explaining that one to the insurance people.

SaMmIMonster96 6

Well, you will learn to speak up or just not turn them on.. Sorry for your car though.

Sometimes those do really burn your ass though!

danni218 1

haha yea I actually laughed out odd stares back haha

Mr_Que_Dijo23 5

Hey well Nationwide is on your side!:)

LaColombianita 26

Or in this case NationBoop is on your.....soop.. I think

sinking_fish 12
LaColombianita 26

Like the commercial NationPam is on your... *pause* Sam...

Jakesterk96 8

Or "Get all state, so you can be protected from dangers like me."

4everblackjack 10

I actually sang while reading your comment..

TheClumsiest 0

did you manage to save your coffee?

Wicked361 8

Or "LIKE A GOOD NEIGHBOR STATE FARM IS THERE... with a sandwich and the girl from 4b. CAN I GET A HOT TUB?!"

Agreed. Being a good driver means being able to cope with these kinds of inevitable distractions. For instance, the other day my passenger randomly shouted "OH MY GOD!" and I flinched, but didn't swerve. Then I calmly asked her to refrain from shouting while in motion, unless to warn me about an impending disaster.

foreigners don't know how to drive in this case this person must be one just don't know how they get their licenses -.- drive to slow or don't know when to put on the brakes n always blame it on the brakes not working

Why would someone shouting cause you to crash your car

gloopyone 4

Because the OP is a bad driver and wants to blame it on his poor granny.

iseyixes 18

You should definitely not be driving if you don't know how to keep control of the wheel just because the passenger shouted. I'm glad it was a pole and not a person.