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I've been there too, it's not great for you but it's her loss. Hang in there bud.

You deserve better, OP.


Yikes, that's intense. Sorry, OP. Don't get too broken up about it though, if she cheated on you, she wasn't worth your time or love anyways. I will say though, I am curious on how she managed to pull that off. That's a horrible thing to do.

Considering she got caught, "pulled off" is a bit generous.

She obviously managed to pull it off long enough to hold a "group" of boyfriends. That's all I meant.

Why is there an FML from colorado every day???

Colorado apparently gives crappy lives

The Other Man

You deserve better, OP.

And you know this since you know OP very well, right?

And you do too, #33? Nobody deserves to be cheated on, even cheaters.

Exactly! Make friends with the guys she cheated with and on.

Well, OP sounds like a good guy, and the girlfriend was the one that cheated, so he automatically deserves better...

well at least OP is good enough a guy to stand up for his girl, do I'd say he deserves better

They should be mad at the cheater, not the other person! I hate when that happens it sucks!

I am pretty sure they are mad at the girl who is the cheater and not the guy who is cheated on

Read it again but slowly this time

You've misread the FML, read it over again.

The things tiredness do to people.

I've been there too, it's not great for you but it's her loss. Hang in there bud.

What the actual hell? As if betraying one guy wasn't enough, so she did that to a bunch?

Sorry OP! Dump her ass

Pretty sure that doesn't even need saying

I'd say send that bitch to the pound, but I'd say she already had many. Fuck that. There are plenty of more girls worth your time.

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You had me with that first comment but damn you should've stopped there...

He made this comment before his other one.

You're right I took it to far.

WTF just happened?

I used to know a girl, she had a dozen guys. One of them found out about it... beat her up so bad she ended up at a hospital on Guerrero Street.

What the fuck dude...

that definitely did not go how i thought it would.... crazy how people can do that to someone, let alone 12 people. although I think the beating up part was a bit too much.

What a story, Mark!

21- But I bet she'll think twice before spreading her legs to the whole world next time.

@#25 Yeah, you can say that again. (props to you for getting the reference)

Cheating or not, hitting a woman is one of the worst actions a guy can do.