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By  404wan  |  19

Dont be Op! Its your body and does uncountable amazing things every day, like digest food, pump your blood around and carry you anywhere you want to go. If you dont like how your body looks, stop thinking of it as an esthetical feature and see you body for the powerful machine that it is. We are all the apex predator of this planet, no matter what we look like. An ugly lion is still a motherfucking lion!

  evilplatypus  |  38

You assume it’s weight.
Maybe it’s literal disfigurement.
Maybe it’s psoriasis.
Maybe they were sexually abused.
After being molested and sexually harassed by a teacher in high school, I went over a year without seeing my naked body because it always made me think of the things he said and did to me.

By  7991ffokcufehtteg  |  3

Unfortunately this behavior isn't always due to weight. OP may have a mental illness or trauma that occurred to shower in the dark. I did the same thing when I was healing. It gets better OP. Whether it is due to weight or other causes, keep tearing into life with a vengeance.

By  pins91  |  27

Oh. That’s actually really sad. Why are you so disgusted by your own body?

By  slkeithh  |  12

Your body does so much for you. Truly think about the immense amount of cellular power it takes to even keep you moving, alive, able to shower. You are beautiful and amazing, no matter what you look like. If it's weight, it can be lost. If it's purely psychological, you can overcome it. A war with yourself is the biggest one you will fight but it is the absolute most rewarding victory. You can do it.

  evilplatypus  |  38

You assume they CAN do something about it. My cousin has a disease that makes it impossible for her body to process protein. As a result, all her limbs are malformed because of non-existent muscle growth and the only way she can get calories is from fat and carbs.
When one of my students started getting psoriasis, they spent years trying to find the right meds to treat it. Nothing did. Anytime they caught their reflection in something they broke down crying because she saw herself as “lizard girl.”