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By  Bekll  |  30

Poor OP. Sleepwalking can be scary. My mother has slept walked since she was a child and regularly screams every couple nights from nightmares she's having. I see and sometimes talk to her when she's sleepwalking and her eyes are wild and her talking doesn't make sense. One time she said it was 3 or 4 in the morning and it wasn't even midnight yet. She laughs about all this though.

  marinus_fml  |  19

it could have been worse, there could have been a 'mind your step' sign. you could have fallen down the stairs while reading it just after you woke up?! then you had no excuse to fall because the sign warned you.

  MjSmittys  |  0

you need to fall down some stairs... in a museum! (fail spelling) and then I hope you get lectured by someone as annoying as you until your at the point of insanity, then I hope you break all your fingers (forever?) so you may never type again, then I hope you get pooped on by a giant, that is all.


60 - What I meant to say was OBVIOUSLY op was already living in that house when he/she found out he/she sleepwalks.
The guy asked why would the OP live in a house with stairs knowing he/she sleepwalked. Well OP did not when he/she made the arrangements to live there. Clearly not his fault.

  FFML_314  |  11

"You need to fall down a set of stairs. Then I hope you get lectured by someone that is more annoying than you. Driving you insane. Then I hope you break all of your fingers. Then I hope you get pooped on by a giant. That is all."

That was easy.

Be happy I didn't ridicule you for how absolutely irritating and immature you are. Now go play.


im not sure if that's actually possible. when your sleepwalking you don't just wake up randomly. I used to sleepwalk and thought I was a plane while I was sleeping so I ran up and down the stairs. I suppose you need someone to guide you back to bed but it's not like you would wake up while your standing.


48 gets an F in both Reading Comprehension and Logical Thinking. And because I'm feeling bitchy today, marinus gets an F in Humor.

For those of you who only speak Internet meme, FAIL.


Aw dang, I missed a good insult! Thanks for the backup, pendatik; I approve your rebuttals. Tbf though, I did admit to being bitchy today. What can I say? My venting FML sessions are rare but satisfying. :}

*case of the Muundays high five*

  sramb  |  0

Well #8, OP walked to their stairs while still in in a sleeping state, also known as "sleepwalking". Then the suddenly awoke and fell down said stairs, which usually hurts. This made OP realize they sleepwalk and TA-DAH FTL.