By Anonymous - 30/4/2021 06:01 - Brazil - Joinville

Gamers rise up

Today, I went over to a guy's house. He had almost no furniture and slept on a mattress on the floor; however, he had the most impressive gaming computer I've ever seen. He's 40. FML
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By  Lord_Hades  |  10

That is so me. I have a 6,000 tv with lights, electric fireplace that also lights up, sound bar, and movie theater seats that light up and charge my electronics. But I sleep on a giant bean bag, but I get the best sleep on that thing. Also my gaming tower is also hooked up the the tv. The tv only has a 1 millisecond delay, that’s amazing.

By  Tabby Rosas  |  7

my husband is in michigan with his mom. he takes care of her. he's 40 has no furniture, sleeps on a mattress on the floor and has a super expensive gaming computer lol.

By  Brightside86  |  23

Better too spend to little than too much. My friends parents are I hoarders and stuff piled in all rooms and hallways knee high with just enough room cleared for a small walking path.

Also gaming computers can be a great investment mine makes $300 a month by mining ethereum.

By  Chazzster  |  20

At this age the guy’s priorities are not going to change much. Short version - He’s not husband or couple material. Move on and keep looking unless you are a die hard gamer too.

  Dirtysalamander1  |  4

he's only like that because he is living alone. what makes you think that he doesn't have his priorities straight lmao