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By Anonymous - 30/04/2021 06:01 - Brazil - Joinville

Today, I went over to a guy's house. He had almost no furniture and slept on a mattress on the floor; however, he had the most impressive gaming computer I've ever seen. He's 40. FML
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Wadlaen 23
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If I weren't married this is probably how I would be living 😁😁


Wadlaen 23

Well gaming computers are expensive. My daughter built one, it ALWAYS needs something

Lord_Hades 14

That is so me. I have a 6,000 tv with lights, electric fireplace that also lights up, sound bar, and movie theater seats that light up and charge my electronics. But I sleep on a giant bean bag, but I get the best sleep on that thing. Also my gaming tower is also hooked up the the tv. The tv only has a 1 millisecond delay, that’s amazing.

Warp1978 15

If I weren't married this is probably how I would be living 😁😁

my husband is in michigan with his mom. he takes care of her. he's 40 has no furniture, sleeps on a mattress on the floor and has a super expensive gaming computer lol.

Women will never understand how men can be happy with few things.

Better too spend to little than too much. My friends parents are I hoarders and stuff piled in all rooms and hallways knee high with just enough room cleared for a small walking path. Also gaming computers can be a great investment mine makes $300 a month by mining ethereum.

At this age the guy’s priorities are not going to change much. Short version - He’s not husband or couple material. Move on and keep looking unless you are a die hard gamer too.

Dirtysalamander1 13

he's only like that because he is living alone. what makes you think that he doesn't have his priorities straight lmao

bobsanction 18

He's 40 and single, where's the problem?