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Today, I found out I'm going to be a grandfather. I'm 29, my son is 13 and the girl in question is 16. FML
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Now if your grandson gets a child, you'll have done what takes most a century to do, in less than half. Congrats, future great grandpa!


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HowAreYouToday 34

True, but his son is 13. That's middle school age.

Sixteen is only 2 school years away from 13 though. Not that long of a time if you think about it. :P

subiedude08 17

Ha good point seriously tho u have no right to judge when u did the same thing Apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Since the OP was 16, I am curious how old the mother of his son was?

MrSarcasmic 10

#56 sadly this isn't as bad as it gets

#11 sixteen is not two years away from thirteen it's three years and doesn't matter if the op was sixteen when he had his son he still doesn't want his son to make the same mistakes he did.

Could be worse, OP's son could have a deal with MTV or some other network and we get stuck with another Teen Parent show

#11: should've raised him better then, shouldn't he?

The maturity difference and development from middle school to high school is vast.

chesoes 8

I'm stunned, are there actually people on here who think a 16 year old is mature enough for fatherhood but a 13 year old isn't? They're both kids and both far, far too young. Stop arguing about whether a gnat is bigger than a flea.

I think he can judge really. He's his father who wants the best for him. My mother had me young and that's made me not want kids for a long time. Though if I had have gotten pregnant at 13 OR 16 I'd have liked my mother to voice her opinion. Learn from their mistakes, don't follow suit

In the middle school I go to, 3 girls are pregnant and 13, and the boys are 13-15. Hate to say it but welcome to our new generation ;-;

#132- so what you are saying is that your school is real classy...... :p

that's actually quite sad. a lot of schools had dropped the sex ed classes in middle school, and the parents aren't stepping in to teach it to their children. regardless, 13 is waay too young to even be thinking about sex. different note- nobody wants their kids to make the same mistakes they did, much less at age 13. they can't get a real job which means mommy n daddy get to step up and be the "parents" until then

SkyGuy32 17

The father didn't necessarily have a kid at 16. He could've married someone who did or married someone older than him who already had a son.

I'm pretty sure he would refer to him as his step son then

roryriddle 5

Not every step parent refers to their step children as step children

To whoever says that 13 is too young to start "thinking about sex", while it is valid argument to state its too young to actually have sex, 13 is right in the onset range of puberty in boys, and is when all they really think about IS sex. Thinking at that age is natural; acting on it, however is completely inadvisable.

This man has every right to 'judge'. Just because your parents decided to drink and drive in their teens does not mean that they'll want you to follow suit. Life has honestly dealt OP a tough deck of cards.

well at my school out Sex Ed classes are mainly to make us not want to have sex until we're ready, and then if we choose not to, they show us how to have protected sex. but there is a guy at my school who has 3 kids already, with a fourth on the way. the fourth kid of his is the child of a girl at our school who already has one. that was when we were in 8th grade.

kingdomgirl94 29

how well could you raise a kid at 16?

11- sixteen and thirteen are 3 years apart....

They said two school years not two years... You are obviously out of touch with your high school years.

#56 I HATE when people say teen pregnancy is just in this generation. Not that long ago, teenage pregnancies were the norm. It's only recently that it's not socially acceptable to get married and have kids before 18.

It wasn't socially acceptable it was swept under the rug until the late 90s.

yesyesnonono 10

I don't think it has anything to do with the parenting. It seems to me that it would be the child's lack of knowledge about sex and how to do it safely. I'm definitely not saying minors should be having sex, but this is why sex ed classes exist (and what happens when they are cut from curriculum).

100 years ago people would have been married off and had kids by the time they were 16. I know it's pretty young but that's how things used to be. People are more likely to be supported in this era because of benefits and shit like that. So it's not as bad as it seems. Animals breed as soon as possible, female fleas are born pregnant so why moan about it so much when it's exactly the same. If you don't approve then don't have kids as a teenager, otherwise leave it be.

@168. I have two step kids whom I always refer to as my kids. So, yes, its possible he is not the biological father.

Hold on people...there's still a goo way to stop OP's situation...the pill or abortion. I know many of y'all don't like to hear "abortion",but it's the best solution to this problem. Unless you would like a child to grow up with no real family base, have the girl get an abortion. We don't need more idiotic, teenage mothers, who can't properly raise their children and lead to an even more simplistic generation.

skyeyez9 24

Because past generations were more MATURE and raised their children, worked...etc Today's 16yr old is ALOT MORE IMMATURE vs a 16yr old from the 1940s. Today, it is common for a pos teen to father multiple kids and not support them.

skyeyez9 24

Teens who got pregnant years ago GOT JOBS TO SUPPORT THEIR BABY. Vs most today who just have their hands put wanting free stuff.

Well to be fair, I'm sure OP knows he ****** up and wanted better for his son.

You're 13-14 in eighth, 14-15 in ninth, 15-16 in tenth. That's three school years.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I guess no one taught them about abstinence or safe sex?

13?! What the hell are these kids thinking?!

132, on Gallifrey 13 year olds must be like embryos to you.

bethers_ 22

Like father like son, apparently...

pinguino3669_fml 23

That's so true. If you want your kids to learn a lesson, you have to first set the example.

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#212-Like you said, that was the way it USED to be. Back then, 16 year olds were considered adults, and acted like it too, meaning they didn't go around having unprotected sex with other teenagers they barely knew. In addition, humans are not fleas nor are they just animals ruled completely by instinct the need to survive and pass on their genes.

209- how the hell is the child's lack of knowledge about sex not an issue of parenting?! How the **** is the kid supposed to learn about sex if not from his parents? People who think it's the school's job to provide sex Ed so they can avoid awkward conversations make me sick. The school providing additional knowledge is a bonus; it is first and foremost your job as a parent to provide your child with necessary sex related information and to answer any questions they have. You can't expect them to just magically know or figure it out alone, because then you get 13-16 year olds having unprotected sex and getting pregnant. What a shock.

Such a young mother is endangered by pregnancy, so she should at least have in mind that abortion exists. Adoption is another great idea, or maybe she can donate the embryo to a more mature couple (depending on how far along the pregnancy is). Nobody has cited any specific statistics yet, but I do believe teen pregnancy is falling with each successive generation. Most thirteen-year-olds probably aren't ready for sex, but if they do it anyway they should have known to use a condom. I'm confident most thirteen-year-olds think about sex frequently and many probably watch ****. The child is unfortunate; teen mothers don't usually fare worse because they had a child, but they still fare poorly.

WestSoy 9

So really this isn't anything new people use to get married at much younger ages like look at Romeo and Juliet, Juliet was being forced into a planed marriage at the age of 13. Though times have changed and that isn't the norm anymore it is something that use to happen. Though I do believe it is to young but really you can't judge to much

Children/Teen and even adults also had an abundance of respect for their elders back then, and the vast majority of them grew their own vegetables and walked out to the chicken coupe for eggs every morning! Who really cares what they did back then. Here and now 98% of teen moms take advantage of their parents/grandparents leaving their children with them, having them buy food, pay their rent, live in and off of them, the boys run off and leave the teen mom to sponge off of whomever will take her in. Back then shit like that rarely happened because people had respect for people!!!!

The baby is not the problem, the problem is how stupid kids are nowadays and how they give themselves into activities that should be performed by mature adults who know the consequences of their acts. The problem is that kids are having sex, and it is not even protected. The baby is just an innocent creature who had the bad luck of being conceived by two idiots. And abortion doesn't have to be the solution, if the girl cant take care of the baby, she can give him/her for adoption.

Although I agree with you for the most part, 13 is the natural age to start puberty where all they really can think about is sex, though it is completely different to actually ACT on it, which is where your point of view could be taken into account. :)

rosatoscano 12

I don't think he's judging his son. Maybe he's just a little ashamed that he made the same mistake.

His son is 13, he was 16 when he had him. If I'm correct his son is in about Grade 7. The father would've been in Grade 10, maybe 11 when he got a girl pregnant and I bet the girl he got pregnant was his age, not 3 years older.

Exactly, it used to be that you were married at 14. Not saying it's right, but think about it.

The_Honey_Badger 17

#72 He said 2 school years, not actual years.

I'm still trying to figure out HOW a 13 year old got someone pregnant! He'd be tiny, the girl would have to be desperate, and the kid was probably doing **** for several years already

School years.. 8th grade and 10th grade are two years apart...

I was 16 when I had my daughter, she is 15 now. No way would I want her doing what I did. I understand where the poster is coming from. Its not being judgmental, its called wanting more for your kids than what you had.

16-13=2? Oh I should go back to school because I thought that was 3...

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chubaca2004 6

I actually really feel sorry for not only these kids but their unborn baby as well.

inthedopeshow 17

No, OP's son likely experienced statutory rape as slightly over half the states set their age of consent at 16...

ervington 8

That kid must have some game.

It makes me terrified of what my sons will do someday as each generation ups the ante! Every child makes mistakes at some point.

uhmitskendall 12

The legal age of consent in Georgia is 16 years old, while the girl in question and op met that age, op's son did not. He is not seen legally able to have sex, and the pregnant girl could and should face statutory rape charges.

Jackasss_fml 14

To a degree I agree. My mother had me young and seeing her struggle so much even with a husband has made me not want children until I am at least 25. But if I had have gotten pregnant at 13 or 16 I'd have wanted my parents to tell me it's wrong and not shrug and say "I did it so I can't really judge you." Good parents want the best, even if its hypocritical :)

not always true. my mother had me at 33. I had my oldest daughter at 16 and my youngest at 24. they are only two I have biolically. both have the same dad and we will be happily celebrating our 17th anniversary soon. my oldest is now 15 and will tell you straight up she does not want kids untill she graduates college and gets married. I am one of the few lucky ones who can say with all certainty that she is still a virgin and not because the opportunity wasn't there. this is one place I have to pat myself on the back. we did teach her that sex is not to be taken lightly and there are always consequences to every action. fortunately for us those lessons have stuck with her and she has stayed focused on school instead of acting like most girls her age. I can only count a handful of her friends that are virgins and they all hang out at my house. so please tell me how all young parents have kids who do the same? get your facts straight before you judge.

Now if your grandson gets a child, you'll have done what takes most a century to do, in less than half. Congrats, future great grandpa!

if your descendants all have kids at 15 you could be a great, great, great grandfather by the time you're 80. enjoy that thought.

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It's literally impossible for a 13-14 year old to "figure out his life" when he managed to get a girl pregnant already. Some people may be able to do it once they turn 16-17 years, but a 14 year old? Please.

TheDrifter 23

It's possible. Not easy, but possible. By the time I turned 14 I'd been incarcerated almost 2 years, was learning a trade and doing a double study load trying to challenge my ged so I could earn early release at 16.

By the math it sounds like you did the same thing. does it run in the family?

LilFlutter 10

Children of teen parents are more likely to become teen parents themselves, statistics show, so it can "run in the family" so to speak.

SamanthaNGoree 10

And you can be a great grandfather when you're 42!

nah considering the patern itll be when bes 39