By computerguy - 22/01/2011 01:15 - Canada

Today, I took the motherboard out of my computer so I could put more RAM and a new video card in. While I was in the bathroom my mom threw it all out because it 'looked like garbage'. FML
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So if it's not broken go get it out of the trash?

You should slap your motherboard in her faceboard.


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So if it's not broken go get it out of the trash?

He can't, or else he'll be sucked into the other dimension by quantam retardophysics and be suffocated alive by intertwining 5th dimensional ropes that are larger than the size of the dimension we live in.

Internal components are pretty easy to break if not handled with care. if his mom threw it out she likely didnt use caution which means the motherboard and god knows what else is completely ******. CPU and RAM might be ok, but he's likely going to have to fork over $150 - 250+ depending on his system specs. On another note, you can install the new ram and video card without removing the entire motherboard from the case. Anyways, expensive and annoying **** up.

If it's in the rubbish it's probably covered in banana peels and stuff. Not really going to work after that.

Not expensive for him, expensive for mom, hopefully.

It's not just garbage, it's also parts to the 2012 black hole generator that the Swiss are working on!

I agree with one and also your mom must be dumb as shit to think those look like trash

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Faaake. But none the less U probably deserved it. Maybe if u didn't have a piece for a computer, you wouldn't need to upgrade.

Yo, if it's fake, what's the point in telling us why the OP deserved it? It doesn't take that many brain cells to realise how pointless that was, right?

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Go throw away all of her family heirlooms with the same dumbfuck excuse and see what she thinks about that! Or take a shit on her bed because "it looked like a toilet." FYL.

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Mom's family heirlooms would be his someday. He might want to think of something else .

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U deserved it, next just place the memory in....without taking all componets out.

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How the hell did he deserve it?

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Apparently, you don't know anything about computers do you #13? If your motherboard can't properly run the new ram and video card, then you must replace the old motherboard.

I'm a practitioner of I.T and if you replace any hardware you would definitely know what you would be replacing like ram voltage types and other things whether your graphic card is a AGP or a PCI-E x8 or x16. If you buy something what doesn't work with current hardware then you're a bit of a dick. Personally, I don't think he was replacing the motherboard and could've kept it on the backplate of the chassis.

im a technican who works on pc's every single day 1st you throwing around "Geek Speak" isnt going to get you anywhere (timma90) But A motherboard can stay in a pc for a Ram upgrade, it takes what ...30 seconds, not counting a Memory test (if needed) Im sure he'd know what speed, voltage, size, and of course type, before doing it, And no where did it mention he got the wrong type, just that his mum threw it out, and "just replace the motherboard" dont forget, Drivers are needed and usually a reinstall of windows, depending on the type,

wtf20007, you're right. people are completely missing the point here. if he bought it, and he's not a 'tard, then he probably made sure that the ram he purchased was compatible with what he got, that the video card was to standard, and that he had a compatible motherboard (though not mentioned). otherwise, he'd have no business working with hardware at all. the point is that his mother is stupid and threw out a bunch of stuff -- and that is some ******* expensive shit (especially those video cards). |the kid|

Who said it was geek speech, I openly talk in a geeky terminology. Don't bleed over your carpet dear. ;)

Because you don't need to remove the mobo to install ram and a vid card. Installing a mobo with a standalone vid card is gonna be a big pain in the ass compared to installing one without one. I have taken the vid cards and ram out of my pc multiple times. I have remove the mobo once. To upgrade it.

chogle 8

wtf20007, there is a difference between "geek speak" and actual terminology. If I were to assume that you are a real pc technician, then I would think that you would know these differences.

He didn't say he was replacing the motherboard though, now did he? He was replacing the ram and video card, that's all. He had no reason to take the motherboard out.

Obviously #19 knows nothing about computers. I'm sure he would have gotten ram that would fit in his motherboard.

I think I'd lapse into a coma from sheer shock...

why the hell did you take the whole motherboard out. ydi

Octwo 16

YDI for pointlessly taking your mobo out just to add RAM and a video card. Unless of course you have a mini ATX and you're fat as all hell.

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Mobo how L33t of u. Let's find a Gibson... Hack tha planet hack tha planet Mess with the best die like the rest Zerocool for prez