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Today, I found my husband's journal, and along with it the real reason he took so long to show up to our wedding rehearsals last year. According to the journal, it was because he was too busy wooing a married mother of five and sticking his "slut-banger all up in that fat booty." FML
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An he's dumb enough to write that in his journal?

Nightwing98 22


An he's dumb enough to write that in his journal?

He's not dumb for writing it in his journal. He's dumb for doing it but not dumb for writing it. He probably never expected her to read it

Wait what? Am I the only reading two founds at the beginning of the FML?

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If he is idiotic enough to be late to his own wedding rehearsal because he's trying to get some last-minute tail, I'd say there are no limits on what he is dumb enough to do.

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****-banger... I've never heard it referenced as that, very creative...

Troll alert: He's dumb for writing it in a diary his wife could find.

Iknoweverything 29

Apparently he's dumb enough to decide to get married to someone while he's banging other people. Someone please explain this to me? If you clearly aren't a faithful person, why bother agreeing to get married in the first place? I assume that if you wanted to be a womanizing scumbag, it would be less of a headache, and less expensive if you didn't marry someone in the process? I don't get it.

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44- For one, the sanctity of marriage is taken for granted by a lot of people. Plus I think societal pressures play into the "why" of getting married. I agree with you, though. Don't go through with marriage unless you're ready for the commitment.

You sure he's not GAY having a journal and by mother he means neutering male mother figure?

Since when is having a journal gay? Some of the greatest men in history have had journals. How else would we have historical accounts of things long past? Obviously this man wasn't in the "great" category, but having a journal in and of itself is not "gay".

unknown_user5566 26

63- I just reread this thread, and I'm not seeing where anyone called OP's soon-to-be ex-husband "gay" for having a journal.

Yeah, after I posted my reply, that comment disappeared. I have no idea what happened to it, might have been deleted by the poster, which is rightful because it was stupid.

#44 - To cook and clean for him, so he could spend more time being a womanizing scumbag.

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That's why I downloaded a diary app with a password. If only bitches could see what I wrote about them in it.. Haha

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I don't know why she is reading the rough draft of his sex novel. Clearly he wasn't read for her to read his master piece.

It'll be the next '50 Shades of Grey'. ^

Iknoweverything 29

Kylee-It wasn't just the sanctity of marriage thing. It's also the "divorce costs lots of money" thing. Even without alimony, the process is expensive. It's well known that women tend to divorce cheating husbands. Why not save the wedding money and the divorce money, and go blow it on a stripper or something?

You are dumb for writing that though.

Sorry accidental thumbs down. Was aiming for the thumbs up. Now it won't swap.

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His wiener, pee pee, ****, dick, penis...?

^^^ You didn't understand the comment. They seemed to be calling him a **** banger.

This is why men shouldn't keep journals

syley 5

Nothing wrong with men keeping journals but you shouldn't write stuff in there that you try to keep secret unless your 100% sure it will never be found by any but you. Not condoning his actions merely pointing out his stupidity and that he should have been more careful.

Why is 34 getting thumbed down? She was just explaining the comment.

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That sucks. Sorry, OP. He's not worth it!

This is totally off topic but your picture scared the living mofo out of me when I saw what was in the background.

Unicorntails 7

Harr harr, yeah. Scared me to when I first saw it xD

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What a downright idiot. I hope you plan on dropping HIS fat ass.

BeautyMonster 17

With her name, I certainly think she is.

Yeah your husbands a 1) idiot for writing it down, 2) just a douche for doing it in general. Divorce is the smart idea here. If I was him I would have gotten one of those journals with the little lock on them you know just in case it ever got found.

Your name is perfect. Cheating bastards should never get a second chance, in my opinion.

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If they do it once, then they will most likely do it again.

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While I mostly agree with you, I have learned that the only rule in life is that there is always an exception to the rule. My dad cheated on my mom when I was like four, and they were separated for a while and my mom got really sick. They ended up getting back together and had my little brother, and got remarried my sophomore year in high school. My dad has been nothing but faithful since then. You can't expect a cheater to change, but you also can't deny a human's ability to be different than they were before

Just to clarify, that's not to say I think OP should stay with her husband, who obviously didn't even feel guilty about cheating, she should definitely leave him, I was only responding to the comments about cheaters never changing and never learning to not cheat.

I like BIG BUTTS AND I CANn- sorry what?

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Apparently so considering that's what it says in the FML.

Of course! How else would we remember all the fat booty and **** bangers?

I should say *****, not **** bangers.

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Wow, even if you were one of those women who would attempt to make the marriage work with counseling and whatnot, his choice of words would be enough to turn me off. What is he, 15? I'm sorry, OP, FYL.

I would have to photocopy that and get some serious revenge, I'm sorry OP:(