By Mattador - 06/09/2011 05:56 - United States

Today, my roommate got completely wasted. He was so drunk he thought the fridge was talking. He decided to make it stop by unplugging it. Most of our food is basically ruined now. FML
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Mattador_fml tells us more.

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And by basically I mean completely ruined.

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yuk your roommate was definitely drunk, a fridge talking would be pretty cool though :)


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seriously..kick him out or threaten to at least

At least he didn't throw it out of the window?

It seems pretty cool though having a fridge talk to you :p

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The money saved on your electric bill will make up for the money spent on the ruined food items :)

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OMG that was funny! But sucks for you

this is the time when you take his credit card and use all his money to buy back everything that was lost in the fridge

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if so, then you better go catch it

phew talking refrigerators are a serious problem these days. You should be glad you have such a caring roommate.

Sounds like that mofo wasn't drunk but was cross faded off some weed, shrooms, and MDMA.

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agreed 45 sounds like he was tripped on acid or something not drunk

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HEY, HEY, FRIDGE- shut the hell up

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2- That's a little harsh. I'd make him buy this month's food and pay this month's electrical bill as well. Lol

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So I kinda imagined it like this. Op's Roommate,"wha did u just cawl me you refrigerated ****?" Refrigerator,"hrrrrmmmmm" Op's Roommate, "WHAT? SCREW YOU!" -unplugs- "I am PERFECTLY average sized!"

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I see what ya dun dun thurr... might right clever if I would say some me. Oops sorry, momentary southernization.

yes weed for the calm disposition, shrooms to hallucinate the fridge as a conscious entity and mdma to make him very sociable with said fridge

It's all a conspiracy of course, garden gnomes, farts and now fridges, all plotting together to take over the world.

Why drink when you actually can't?xD haha funny tho x].

Zya, I believe you have found the wasted roommate =D

It's a new conspiracy. The fridge actually was talking, but you must be so inebriated(sp?) that you can hardly stand in order to communicate with them.

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3- Hold on. Are you saying that real drinkers should only get buzzed? What's the point of drinking if you're not getting completely wasted? That party last night...

Zya - I believe the correct term is lol k noob? :D

yuk your roommate was definitely drunk, a fridge talking would be pretty cool though :)

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Doesn't really sound like drunk is what OP is going for. Wasted could also mean high off of PCP... Or possibly shrooms.

Does anyone else hate it when commenters try to put themselves into the FML like saying "Hey that fridge was talking smack to me" Or like "That was me that hit your car"

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Hey, that fridge was talking smack to me. Oh shit 66, didn't see you there..

agree; drunkness isn't associated with hallucnations of any sort, auditory especially. incorrectly categorized wastage

The fml says "he was so drunk he..." so why are you saying drunk isnt what op was going for?

1. fml team alters the original posted fmls sometimes (happened to me). 2. I've been drunk before. 3. this is my area of study at university

Wow! I never know grudges could talk. Lol

Do u mean fridges? Or did a grudge become a physical object?

Nope, he meant grudges, because that's totally relevant to anything in this post =P My spidey senses tell me that an autocorrect is on the loose..

I was bangin' 7 gram rocks, that's how I roll!

Is your refrigerator running? You better go catch it! J/K that sucks. Time for a new roommate.

WTH? Everyone knows that you don't unplug fridges to stop them talking, you have to seal the icemaker! Your roommate is woefully underknowledged.

Tis a sad day when people can't even say **** in acronyms D:

I ******* can, I just ******* thought ******* H ******* flowed better. :P

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Did he at least stop the talking? I HATE when my fridge does that!

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Here's what you do. 1) Buy food for your fridge 2) Talk to your roommate about their alcohol problem 3) If two doesn't work and it happens again beat them with a stick and make them eat the food they ruined......or get a new roommate.

They really shouldn't be the one to buy new food.

No here's what you do: 1) get wasted with your roomate.

Or beat them over the head with the fridge (this might also make the fridge stop talking)

You food should last 14 hours in a fridge with no power

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I'm in FL and we always have power outs because of hurricanes and thunder storms. Food can last awhile like you said but the fridge needs to be kept closed. (: