By jai90 - 03/02/2014 21:16 - Netherlands - Utrecht

Today, I found a Google search for "erectile dysfunction" in my browser search history, along with pages about treatments for it. I'm a woman, and I live alone. FML
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Hey, even poltergeists have problems.

Creepy... Get your locks and your password changed


Creepy... Get your locks and your password changed

No need, in her drunken stupor she thought her manhood had disappeared.

Oh god, I do this to all my friends. I'm really immature.

If there's no password on the wifi it could be someone else who is on the wifi. Everything I search on my phone goes to my computer, if I search something on my phones google it'll be on the computers recently searched.

72 that is because you are signed in to your Gmail account on both your pc and phone, or Firefox on both. It links them unless you set it otherwise. Other people on your wifi cannot end up in your search history unless they remotely connect to your pc, and if OP has remote connections turned off then that wouldn't happen. Someone may have searched on her phone if it was linked, or someone used their laptop. Either way it's weird.

A likely scenario: she let someone borrow her phone, and that person Googled those things, and they showed up in her search history at home because her Google account is linked to everything. Otherwise, hide yo' kids ... you know the deal.

Hey, even poltergeists have problems.

killinpoptarts 9

Casper is getting older

#2 I was thinking ghosts as well :)

I don't know why I keep laughing so hard at this comment lol

laughing hard about how a ghost can't get hard

I would get an alarm system, and maybe hidden cameras but it could be a virus controlling your computer from somewhere else?

As funny as that would be, what for?

#53 probably just to freak her out. As many hackers would say, "for the lulz"

chocolatefrog28 29

I've heard of sleep walking, but cross gender sleep searching is definitely a new one.

That would explain why the search was for erectile dysfunction in particular. The male persona would be confused as to why his "penis" wasn't working.

Maybe you should run a Malware security scan to make sure your computer is safe.

Maybe you're a secret shemale

toxic_walrus 15

That's... Alarming.

FML64128 7

Unfortunately no alarm was raised to prevent this...

I see what u did there....

Landlord? Creepy burglar

ninjuh_wingman 29

I highly doubt a burglar would break into someone's house to search up how to treat erectile dysfunction.

#24, I would. Don't generalize everyone as totally normal, only doing totally normal things, haha. :) OP, it wasn't me, I promise.. >.>

#24- You haven't? Really? Try it sometime, it's fun.

The burglar would steal the laptop...

Sathane 21

You mean you "think" you live alone.

Ah! could be another story like the person who was living in the secret passage eating the boys Halloween candy! Scary!!!

Have to agree pretty fucked up!!

how the fuck did this get negative votes