By shandrith - United States
Today, I found out that my boyfriend is cheating on me, with the same guy I was cheating on him with. FML
shandrith tells us more :
Hi, I'm the one that posted this FML. I know that cheating wasn't a good thing to do, but that wasn't the point of the FML. Had I simply found out that he was cheating with someone else, of either gender as I knew that he was bi when we entered the relationship, I would have said nothing. The reason I posted it, and the reason I do consider it to be an FML is because of the absolute ridiculousness of the fact that we were cheating with the SAME PERSON!!! The three of us have spoken and decided that none of us are going to continue seeing each other. The BF and I were obviously both deeply unhappy, and the third part took advantage of both of us. Ex and I will probably remain friends, and chalk this up to one of those errors in life that are hilarious five years later, but hurt like hell when they happen. #3 can go to hell for all I care
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  BadLuckChris  |  4

Why did you automatically assume that he is Hetero? If he is cheating on her with a man he is either gay and the relationship is fake with his gf or he is bisexual sorry about the rambling XD.

By  z411811  |  0

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He's not necessarily gay, he could be bi.
(But in this case I HIGHLY doubt it).

But she still deserves it for cheating.

But they both are disgusting people who deserve whatever bad thing is coming to them.

  kk3211  |  0

bisexual guys are just gays who are afraid to admit they're fully gay.

  chanman  |  0

@178: I believe in the Kinsey scale instead =P. I don't think it's so cut and dry.
Either that or bisexual people are just people who are just plain old horny enough to do anyone.

  Dragodon64  |  0

Kinsey FTW. I would be about a 1.5 on the Kinsey, since I'm a guy who definitely likes girls, and thinks some guys are hot, but can't quite imagine getting himself in a relationship with a guy, and I won't have sex outside of a relationship. In terms of fantasies, I'm fine with guys, and a threesome seems weird to me, but not because of the sexuality.

  amazinggbaby  |  2

Why would someone say they're bisexual if they're just gay? either way they are men who like other men. Bisexual men obviously like girls too because saying your bi doesn't make it sound any better than being gay.

  evamusical  |  12

The guy could be bisexual, because yeah, it does exist. I'm suprised that no one mentioned the option that OP's boyfriend was just experimenting. He might just have been curious, the FML does not say if he was cheating on a regular base, he could have just tried being with a guy once, for the experience...

  Mo_mo  |  0

Her boyfriend was cheating too, so everyone is wrong. She dont have to be a bad person. However, she'll be on her way to being one if she doesnt learn her lesson.

How messed up is the guy that was doing them both..... He's the one that knew it all, prob got a kick out of it and wanted you all to get together lol

By  brrrx  |  0

Hahahaha, thank you for giving me the best FML I've read in a long time.

That is sort of a FYL, sort of a YDI. Cheaters get what's coming to them...hahahaha