By Anonymous - 6/4/2015 16:18 - United States
Today, I spent my last $50 to get a ticket to take my daughter out for a nice birthday dinner tonight. It wasn't until after I purchased it that I realized the restaurant isn't even open on Mondays. FML
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  AllSoul  |  23

#17's right. Best to cancel everything and not go tomorrow as it's not OPs daughters actual birthday, and it cannot be a day late...

#17: T'as jamais fêté un anniversaire un jour en retard? Ou le weekend qui suit? On s'en fout si c'est pas le jour même, c'est le geste qui compte.

  AllSoul  |  23

Haha, no, "retard" in French is "late". I was asking if he had never celebrated a birthday a day late, or even the following weekend.
I'm not mean enough to call someone a retard for a comment like that.

  BSnapZ  |  21

The problem is not whether they'll honor it or not. The problem is that they aren't open. So they can't go to dinner at that restaurant, nor can they go anywhere else because they have no money left. They won't be able to get a refund very quickly either.