By Xerfox - Germany - Neckarsulm
Today, I flew to Germany to meet up with a girl that I met in America 5 months ago and fell in love with. We've been talking every day for 5 months straight. I get here just for her to tell me that she likes me "like a brother". FML
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  thawny_fml  |  21

Unless OP specifically told her how he feels prior to the trip, which I'm betting he didn't, then this is 100% YDI. She doesn't owe you shit for being nice to her.

  SiraSiemens  |  21

i bet it was obvious from miles away and she chose to ignore it to make a man travel around half the globe for her. of course you are right she doesn't owe him anything. nobody ever owes anybody anything. the universe owes nothing to anybody and noone owes anythign to the universe. life would be a lot better if people still chose not to be dicks to one another

By  Death69  |  24

It's only been 5 months. Not too much time was wasted. Enjoy her company for now, her opinion could change later. Either way, never hurts to have made a new friend. Chin up OP. Could have been worse. ;)

By  albiturboduck  |  7

Friendly advice: Get over the initial shock, become as cool as ice and pretend you are cool with it, and when you get a chance to party and see other girls, try and hook up with someone else. Be suave though, don't go desperately looking for the first thing that breathes, but take your time and and zero in on a hot girl. Play the foreigner angle and act happy and spontaneous. Good luck brother! From one who has been deep down the friend zone ;)

  scyth3s  |  13

#6 is angry because of how often that sort of thing works... Depending on your definition of works.

It might make her jealous but it won't change her mind.


It doesn't work though. Girls dating assholes happens for the same reason some guys end up with crazy girls, often they don't start out that way and by the time you notice you're in too deep.

By  macone  |  29

You have been talking every day for 5 month and you never came to the point of what you feel for each other? You could have given her at least some clear hints.

By  9a_z1  |  11

Baden-Wurttemberg is a beautiful part of Germany! I'd make the most of it, you'll get chances with other girls but you might not always be lucky enough to be able to travel that far.
Plus long distance relationships involve a massive amount of work, entering into it if her heart wasn't fully in it could've ended you up in an even worse situation. Sorry you've been disappointed though.

By  BFlowing  |  21

If she let you make such a trip to see her without you realizing she wasn't into you I'm guessing chances are 1. she gave you clear signals she liked you as a friend but you ignored them out of infatuation for her 2. She was confused about the whole thing and waited to see how she would feel about it once you got there....all of this supposing it wasn't a surprise visit and you guys hadn't talked about your feelings previously...which you should have if you had fallen in love with her. Anyway I'm sorry OP! I know it sucks to be friend're in a beautiful country though, enjoy it!