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That sucks, I hope you can get your money back.

That sucks for real. R.I.P. Michael Jackson. We lost a true genius.


That sucks, I hope you can get your money back.

That sucks for real. R.I.P. Michael Jackson. We lost a true genius.

Don't reply to the first post to get your comment on the top, jackass. EVERYONE DOWNVOTE COMMENT 31

lol it would suck if they just showed thriller over and over again...imagine how much money they'll lose though if everyone wants a refund.

Estimated $300 million.

@ Kyothine obviously you don't know how the interwebs work, genius. Also, who the hell cares.

#33 you did the same thing to so stfu and go kill yourself

u know what....nevermind.

Well, you just did the same thing, dumbass. Hypocrite.

I don't know, wouldn't those tickets be worth a fortune in the future?

lol that man lost his life and you're worried about worldly goods?? why don't you be happy to be alive? thats shitty

Meh, at least he had an interesting life. Even if I live to be 150, my life will not be nearly as interesting as his 50 short years.

#33: who's the jackass now?

Hey dont be an ass!!! He was a great musican, and that was alot of money!!! That really sucks for you dude!!!

#86, people die every day in the thousands (or ten thousands). The $3,000 wasted (plus more for another gift, presumably) would matter more to me than one guy dying that I didn't know personally.

Not sure it's a total lost. First, it's a free trip to Europe & second, they don't have to see MJ. To me, it's a WIN, WIN situation.

OH YES, people who got the tickets are some lucky shit man !

Yeah, when they revive him.

well if they are fans of jacko then they have all the right to disregard their 3grand for their misery

Isn't that what you're doing #33?? Haha now it seems like I am, I'm not though! haha Kinda..jk :]

oh please, the music icon michael jackson was lost years ago, that's when he deserved to be mourned. the only person we lost the other day was a pasty white, noseless, messed up pedophile who hung his kid out a window. at least some little boys are safe now

have some respect for his fans and more importantly his mother who has to deal with the unexpected pain of burrying her child soon. Have some respect and not speak ill of the dead, especially by saying b.s. you can't prove. He's gone so you can move on from such nonsense unless you get some real proof and not just some garbage you read about or saw on tv. Show respect please.

this comment is in response to poster 202.

No I didn't, you idiots. I was replying to #31 DUR HURRRR. I don't care about getting my comments to the top, but 31 replied to post 1 just to get his post on the top.

I replied for the sake of replying. 31 replied for the sake of getting his comment near the top. God you people are like YouTube users.

So their prolly worth more $$ now... YAY you

No, it does not matter if he can get his money back, I'd be more dissapointed that I did not get to see a Legend perform live. At least you had a chance man. Sorry!

@ Kyothine in response to 212, 213 comments so, whats the difference? Just because its a different website does not mean every one should act differently on this site, than any other site. They post for the sake of others reading their opinion/comment, why wouldn't they want it to be read? There's nothing wrong with wanting your post at the top of the page. It's how all social media sites work pretty much (ie. digg, reddit, and now FML) Get over it.

WOW #140. I guess you were unable to deduce this on your own but his parents are Michael Jackson FANS! This is NOT a win, win situation even though they can still go to London. Wow.

There is some irony, though, that you got downvoted when trying to say "downvote this guy"... and the whole "omigosh you're a hypocrite!" thing... and... yeah.

first of all, we dont know what happend to say that he actually touched those boys. you werent there. second, people get plastic surgery ALL THE TIME who cares that he got carried away with it, and third just because he wasnt doing as well later on in his career as he was in the beginning doesnt mean we should have 'mourned him a long time ago' because he was still making good music.

Uh. It's not like you knew the guy. Would you actually stop what you are doing to give a fuck about some guy who died? That's stupid. Don't be so stupid.

You must not realize how dumb you sound because its called mourning for the dead jackass. So what people didnt know him personally just because you dont care that he died doesnt mean other people dont.

no you're fucking stupid. it's irrational to worry about dying, because chances are fucking slim. it's MUCH more rational to think about something that really affects your life, and deal with it at the current moment. you fail.

Your a queer dumbass, shut up..

I agree with #156, especially the part where he says " ". Also, I love the irony of 33. "Thumb him down". lol

Um, bitch please.

That's a really good point!

# 202 go to hell i wish someone would say something like that about you someday when you die Have some respect!

YDI for spending 3000 dollars on your parents for an ANNIVERSARY, MJ tickets or not. I guess i could see it if it was 50th anny, but seeing as how you got them concert tickets I doubt that it was.

Him and his brother split the cost.

Hopefully you haven't done anything drastic with the tickets yet, 'cos apparently they're holding a tribute concert with Madonna and other ridiculously famous people performing?! Yeah. So unless your parents are just die-hard MJ fans and hate every other musical artist ever, it shouldn't turn out all that badly.

i say you keep the tickets. he will be remembered as the greatest popstar. ii miss him.

I don't understand why it sucks, because it's a fucking gift to your parents, you didn't have to give them that gift, or any gift (not saying you shouldn't). So YDI for fucking giving them that gift.

look k mj was the best at wat he does dummy

r.I.p mj never forgotten

u did the same thing stupid dbag

Yea Michael Jackson lost his life but I would still worry a lot about the $3000 I might be losing.

kyothine, you fail. its "hurr durr" not the other way 'round

yeah. get your money back!

It's irrational to think about dying?! The chances are slim?! Are you fucking kidding me? It's a miracle anyone survives at all these days will all the things that can kill a person. You could die tomorrow. The chances are very very high. That's why everyone says to live life to the fullest and all that jazz. Seems to me like you're the moron here. ps. people mourn when famous people die dumbass. ex: John Lennon, Elvis.

I don't know why people make a big fuss over a famous persons death. Are they better then anyone else just because they are famous? No. Thousands of people die everyday, and no one makes any notice of it.

You could die yourself in this current moment, crossing the road you would not look up and down the street if you didn't care about death and then you more than likely would be dead .

155: You don't say.

155, you don't say.

You should've tried to sell those tickets. Word of advice: people are stupid. They'll buy absolutely anything to say "this is awesome" or if they're smart they would buy something, and sell it for higher. I know he's dead and all, but you can't find Michael Jackson tickets today. It's gonna be rare soon

#32 will do

Well, if they can change the ticket to Austria, maybe they'll see Josef Fritzl finally having the guts to let his go children outside and play...

dang that sucks. knew somebody had to post this though...

haha, cruelly hillarious-ish.

F their lives, F your lives, and most of all, F his life (or lack thereof).

Wow thats really wrong of someone to say .....

nah, the world is a better place with that child molesting freak dead and gone

How unfortunate....

this better get voted greatest fml of the week because honestly that SUCKKSSSS

youre probably gonna get your money back

Well they can still go, just not see MJ's it's not all bad :)

Well, there's other stuff to do in London...