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She was probably lying and trying to sound superior if she claimed she could hear frequencies that are in dog-range, so I guess she got what was coming to her.

Think before you speak op.

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#1, sometimes people just say the first thing they think of. But this FML made me laugh so hard... FYL indeed, OP.

Actually what he said was not wrong. If she is claiming to hear it, then she deserves to be picked on, especially when it is impossible for her to have heard it. The classmates were wrong, but the OP wasn't

Wow, how immature. This must be H.S Physics.

^^^ If Janet Jackson and Michael had an incest baby.

I really hope that comment made you feel better about yourself. Although, you should probably absorb some creativity if you want to keep the insults rolling.

Why would he think before he spoke in this situation? That was factual information. Think before you post.

LMFAO @ the jackson incest baby!!

#33 fuck his life?? fuck the girls life

sorry mintcar but 43 burned your ass and that was very creative so u at least have to give them that

I completely agree. How is providing correct educational information the OP' fault that the girl was made fun of?

It's not the OP's fault the girl looks like Lassie.

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#136 - No shit Sherlock.

ActionManly you are the stupidest person. Ever. Everyone with a brain the size of an amoeba could figure that out.

i lol'd on this fml

Haha 43 wins :D

invult? I think your hott. he's just a troll. ignore..

I agree with seanders... she does look like the jacksons...

welll its an epic win for an insult

Selena is this all you do all day long because I swear every time I get on i see one of your bullshit ass comments.

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He said all the nasty things he wants to do to your various orifices.

I said you're a bitch!

.....cuz he's insecure about his tiny, moderated......You know the rest. lol

because #116 has a small penis and is very angry at the world, therefore he feels the need to get on the Internet and talk shit to people, because his balls and brain are so small that if it came down to a real life situation he couldn't stand up for himself. that's why he felt the need to call you a bitch.

hehehe. orfice.

I'm not letting anything into one of my orfices...

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the sound he was probably emitting has a huge gap between it and actual audible sound. alot of the time people just think they hear the noise.

someone hasn't graduated from high school

Indeed. If she DID REALLY HEAR IT, her ears would hurt from someone clapping, or something. Did you know rats can her airplanes when they pass overhead?

Maybe the student just heard the wind passing between hear ears and got confused.

Someone's trying to sound smart and failing.

108 is a win!

please don't post shit to sound smart asshole cause you probably aren't you either got that bit from google or your dad so stfu

maybe she was hearing that noise that you only hear when you turn the TV off. lol

OP is also a shitty scientist as there are animals other than dogs who can hear above 20,000 Hertz. I learned that in S2 (8th grade, I think).

Actually, I'm doing a PhD in Philosophy of Science.

Doesn't mean that you're right.

It is physically impossible

way to ruin her self-estem.

Says the guy with a spongebob picture.

169- what does that have to do with anything? And I agree with the original commenter, yeah. OP basically called her a dog! Asshole.

She was probably lying and trying to sound superior if she claimed she could hear frequencies that are in dog-range, so I guess she got what was coming to her.

I have to agree with this. I have seen many examples of this happening just so people can get some attention.

Or.. She tricked herself into hearing it.

Some people can actually hear that high, but it's extremely uncommon. Probably just showing off like you said.

I con hear ultrasonic rodent repellent devices. it's really annoying.

Wow. Nice job. That's worse than being an actual dog.

What!? I wuff being a dog.

that wuff not cool!

I see what you did there! That's punny! :P

"Dat friggin ass is a spy!" Anyone? Anyone? ...TF2?

you should appologize infront of the class op

you're cute:)))

He was simply stating a fact. It wasn't his fault the other students are immature.

106 is right, and that's pretty damn funny anyhow I wouldn't care if I was the student.

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What's with the weird formatting of this FML?

I was going to say... unnecessary space. They should indent the anecdotes.

Hey, whatever. You just made a neutral statement. I will however, say F your life for having a bunch of asshole students (minus the girl who was being picked on).

The girl being picked on was probably trying to show off anyway, and being an idiot.