By mrtut - United Kingdom
Today, as a physics teacher, I was testing a class to see how high a sound frequency they could hear. One girl claimed she could hear the sound even though it was physically impossible. Without thinking, I replied "Only dogs can hear this frequency." Needless to say, she was picked on all day. FML
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  mike3775  |  32

Actually what he said was not wrong. If she is claiming to hear it, then she deserves to be picked on, especially when it is impossible for her to have heard it.

The classmates were wrong, but the OP wasn't

  mintcar  |  9

I really hope that comment made you feel better about yourself. Although, you should probably absorb some creativity if you want to keep the insults rolling.

  kayybby  |  1

because #116 has a small penis and is very angry at the world, therefore he feels the need to get on the Internet and talk shit to people, because his balls and brain are so small that if it came down to a real life situation he couldn't stand up for himself. that's why he felt the need to call you a bitch.

By  alphavictor  |  0

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By  zenti  |  2

Hey, whatever. You just made a neutral statement. I will however, say F your life for having a bunch of asshole students (minus the girl who was being picked on).