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Today, a customer cussed me out for hiding behind the counter a jacket she's been "eyeing since it came out". She loudly exclaimed that she was going to report me to my manager and get me "fired." It was my personal jacket that we don't even sell. FML
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OP here. To those of you who referred to me as "he"... I'm a girl :) I work at Hollister and the jacket is actually one my friend from Georgia gave me. It's his school jacket so I'm not sure why she wanted it. #1 Damn straight. #2 We don't but I'll make sure to put it in the suggestion box :-) #3 I was worried she would try to jack it (get it)... #18 I would've assumed the same thing had it not be from a school in a different state. #24 It's one of those things where it's only nice to me for sentimental reasons haha. Thanks though. #28 Although that is often true my manager is really cool so after the whole thing was over I was able to explain exactly what happened and I didn't get in trouble. #44 Thank you for your novel :-) you rock. #48/71 (and anyone's else who wanted clarification): I know your comment was buried but actually we do have that exact rule. We aren't allowed to have any personal items visible except for the clothes/accessories we are wearing (which are required to be from the store as part of the dress code). My jacket was actually behind the counter in a place not visible to customers and had she not been walking behind the counter (against the rules btw) to get to the dressing rooms she never would've seen it. I just couldn't include that in the 300 character fml. #64 I'm guessing that was a joke :) But if you were serious then if you are ever working in retail don't do anything like that unless you want to get fired. #67 More than you know. #74 Nah, she was just a bitch. #73 By fill pup I'm assuming you mean follow up. But you're right some people can really be jerks sometimes! #88 Exactly. #66 Obviously (not a) Product #83 The only place I told her to go was hell.. Wow, just kidding, that was dramatic of me. But no it was a school jacket. #84 I'm sorry that sucks.. Sorry this is so long I wanted to try to reply to as many people as possible. -Katie

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Some customers are just morons, OP.

I'm sorry OP. Hopefully you guys sell common sense as well as other jackets.


inner_peace 19

Some customers are just morons, OP.

It's not like you'll even get into any trouble, OP. It was your jacket!

inner_peace 19

Some bossed like to contend that "the customer is always right," so OP may still, unfortunately, get in trouble.

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Any boss that would fault the OP for any of that has no business working in a management position. (Yes I realize how many bosses have superiority complexes and act like ruthless tyrants instead of human beings) I managed a pet supply company for years and I can tell you that not only is the customer not always right (in fact the customer is USUALLY wrong when they cause a scene) but that there are plenty of retail places out there who do realize that. None of the other stores in our shopping center would have sided with a crazy dingbat like this either. Had any boss in our franchise punished an employee for something like this, they'd have been suspended pending termination. If you display such poor judgement in such a cut and dry situation how can you be expected to have a lick of sense in any of the other decision making? Unfortunately, it is the few big box stores and huge corporations that pretty much print money and see employees as disposable that will not hesitate to reward a customer for acting like a toddler. This has spoiled a large percentage of the customer base into thinking that the moment they even walk into any store and considered shopping there, the employees there are loyal servants who should bend over backwards at your every desire. It is totally asinine to walk into a store and ignore that the people working there are human beings, yet a lot of people do it every day. Shame on them. Oh god I have written a novel -.-

actually, op may get in trouble for having their personal belongings visible. most customer-oriented workplaces don't allow that.

and what place is this that has that policy

preach it! It's OK if it is a novel... When you're right.

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You can still offer her a price on that jacket... Sell it and buy a new one... Duh

So according to you... I should go to work naked? That's some sound logic.'s implied that op wasn't wearing the jacket in question at the time that the customer saw it....that it was lying behind the counter. everywhere I've worked has had a policy that stated all items not being worn by the employees during work hours should not be visible to customers...hence my previous comment.

This sounds like the lady had some kind of mental problem. Possibly schizophrenia. She clearly feels like everyone is out to get her, and I'm telling you that that kind of mindset doesn't come from a healthy brain. Don't be too hard on this lady, she might just be getting through a hard time in her life right now. I've had family friends going through schizophrenia and I know they said and did some really weird things, but it wasn't their fault.

#74, I thought the delusion that everyone is out to get you is paranoia

You can't exactly diagnose a serious mental disorder based on one incident. Especially an incident that is told from someone else's point of view. For all we know, OP made this up, or altered the story.

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@#44, as a person who works in retail, i really wish more people thought like you. People think that just because they're going to buy a $12 shirt they deserve to be treated like royalty. And the employees are the ones that have to suffer through such rudeness and bad manners.

Not exactly, paranoia can be any thing. Like people who think that aliens will invade any minute and actively preach that, are paranoid.

I'm sorry OP. Hopefully you guys sell common sense as well as other jackets.

I think getting to say a comment like that to this customer would be worth losing a job over. "Sorry, the jacket isn't for sale, but I can offer you a dose of common sense?"

OP you missed a chance to sell you jacket at double what you paid for it.

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Jump her. It's a play on words.

It's a type of clothing, guys. This pun isn't that difficult :o

There are Americans (including myself) that didn't know what a jumper was. It's a word that means something totally different here in the States. Honest mistake.

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At least OP knows that they have a nice jacket

It's okay OP. Soon, they will ALL realize what an imbecile that customer is. On the upside, must be a really nice jacket to cause such a reaction.

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You should've made up a really expensive price--she would've either a) dropped the subject and moved on, or b) paid for it and you would have a nice wad of cash now. I'm sure whoever she complains will just laugh at her anyway.

not really good advice since most companies do not allow you to sell stuff on the clock or in there store. great way to get fired

Some customers just make up things to complain about

Some people are legitament assholes and morons

cryssycakesx3 22

certainly. like people that say "legitament"

Hate to be a grammar Nazi, but it's spelt as "legitimate".

Wow. Some customers can sure be quite obnoxious and/ or stupid.

I've heard of managers who ALWAYS side with the customer, maybe he'd give it to her for customer service.