By Username - 29/10/2010 23:15 - France

Today, I was out eating lunch with my parents when my mom complained that I eat too quickly and don't thoroughly chew my food. My dad exclaimed, "That's because she swallows!" FML
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XsianinvasionX 0

I love ur dad I wish mine was that cool


ladies_man217 0

wait, we talking about dicks or food?

pooper19 3

YDI for blowing your dad you freak

KiddNYC1O 20

LOL 28. Seems like op is mad her dad put their incestuous relationship to light lol

At least incest is something the whole family can do!;)

honestly, thats like the coolest dad ever


it does indeed suck. your father made a sexual comment about you? damn, your life is ******!

lemoncows 2

fyl shawty... n stop givin pop pop that late night gift ;)

River_Hill_Kid 0

this is probably the same dad who took her best friend's virginity in the fml above this one!

100, I found this FML on "random" and am thoroughly interested in the one you referenced. =v+

megamandude455 10
phreshboi 1

if you say it fast it sound like I Love Mayo!

At least incest is something the whole family can do!:)

CountryGirl111 7

i never noticed that before! guess because u never saud it fast :p

XsianinvasionX 0

I love ur dad I wish mine was that cool

pooper19 3

now u want to blow her dad also?

MissErikaHart 0

no she wants to blow her own dad

pooper19 3

incest is a fathers best friend

her dad could be cool too, maybe she just spits

hahahha, owned!!:p. I wonder how he knows?

hiphop_danca94 2

uhhh he is a guy, he was young too ya kno

hm maybe her mom swallows too and they like the same things?? =]

cradle6 13

Ouch, I'm sorry. pretty hilarious though

TheNinjaBuffalo 0

not as funny as your pic:P are you sunburned in it or something?

trolltastic 0

so was your dad being funny or does he know something else? lol

just what I thought, how the hell does your dad know :-S

ya, ummm....that's a little personal to be joking around about with family. don't get me wrong, I know my dad jokes a lot, about a lot of things, but he never would take it that far....