By Anonymous - United States - Watonga
Today, I was feeling terrible and posted on Facebook about how I was stressed out and feeling really lonely. My sister replied saying "#fatfuckproblems". 13 people liked it and some so-called friends posted stuff like "rekt" and "SLAYED, bitch!", all in less than a minute. FML
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  shiba10  |  26

I'm from Australia and we call friends, c**ts as well as a lot of other bad stuff but don't really get offended. We have a weird sense of humour here

  PennyLane27  |  32

OP, try this: Try Only posting positive posts. If you type it out, and it's negative, then delete, and instead make yourself post something positive, no matter how small of an observance. It's hard at first. It might feel forced at first. But it's a small way toward helping shift your overall perspective.

And Please please please don't worry about likes and comments. They are meaningless. They have no value. Social media attention is meaningless. Seriously. When you're 90 you aren't going to look back on life and think "man I got so many fb comments/likes, I feel so fulfilled." You're going to think back on real world, tangible memories.

  Fairyjoshy  |  13

Likes and comments tend to come from real live human beings, and it's a human attitude to desire the approval of your fellow human beings.

Sounds like OP's sister is a bully and one of the "cool kids" and the OP's so-called friends jumped on the bandwagon.

  DoomedGemini  |  37

I agree social media isn't the best place, though i don't understand why people can't just ignore and scroll past when seeing it. It took extra time just to kick someone while they're down, that says a lot about a person.

  doodlecloud  |  26

You can't say people should NEVER post anything remotely negative, that's just as bad. That's why people see people's fake Facebook lives full of glamorous selfies and parties ans holidays and feel inferior. There is a difference between posting negative attention seeking posts every 10 minutes and someone who usually seems happy or just doesn't post that much making a one-off, honest, negative post. True friends (or just decent humans) should be able to tell the difference.

  TheNewGuy03  |  28

Well, realistically, negative shit is going to happen to everyone. If you feel some type of way, you just do. I'm actually NOT a fan of people who make infinite posts about all this supposedly "awesome" (but entirely mundane) shit that is going on in their lives (e.g., "My wife drew a smiley face onto some cardboard! She is my world and is the best wife in the universe!").

It's *social* media for a reason. Obviously, you don't want to have a Wall of Shame, but ... express yourself freely.

By  lexred  |  30

In the movie "THE MINIONS" There is a very relevant comment about these type of people who don't sympathize. it says....."If people don't like you, just fart"

By  LPac5295  |  27

Do people know how to take things seriously anymore? Clearly you were reaching out for help and they all make fun of you like that? You can find better friends OP and I would have a serious talk with your sister.