By thirdwheel - Australia - Brisbane
Today, I finally worked up the courage to ask my crush to a movie. What I didn't realise is that she would bring a "friend" along, and that I would have to sit next to them making out for 2 hours. FML
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  feelingold  |  18

OP doesn't mention paying... OP: if you want a date, have the balls to ask someone clearly on a date. No pansy-ass "erm have you seen that movie" let's-hang-as-friends-but-actually-it-might-be-a-date bullshit. I often tried worming my way into dates like that, but when you play the "possible friend" you should expect the friendzone.

  MidnaLink  |  32

Maybe OP didn't want to pressure her with a full date, but would hope she liked/started liking him back. And I know that can sound like complete bullshit, but it's a hell of a lot better than expecting friemdzone.

  feelingold  |  18

....sure 64, it's a pretty common method and we've all done it, but we can't then moan "inconsiderate!!!" if the girl doesn't view it or treat it as a date...

  callie06  |  6

#90, I don't know, I find it inconsiderate that she apparently invited someone without OP knowing about it (if someone invites you somewhere, you should always be polite and ask if you can bring someone else along). And I find it even more inconsiderate that after being invited somewhere, this person completely ignored OP to make out during the whole movie. Date or not, that seems pretty rude.

  ShadowNinja445  |  12

#36 well, I took a girl that I liked to the homecoming dance last year and she decided to be a bitch and bring her friend too and then ditch me to run around with her friend. She had the balls to ask me if I could buy a ticket for her friend ( which for a couples ticket it was $30, a singles ticket was $20) the night before the dance. Only reason I still went was because I already bought the tickets for us and I didn't have anyone else to go with. Added to all this is the fact that she was from a rival school.

  YeaSo3  |  14

beyond rude!!!.. she's a bitch I know that has to hurt OP and it won't be easy to get over. . but you have to understand your better then what she deserves . she wasn't raised right ... but remember karma's a mf! and she will get her back wayyyyyy worse

  olpally  |  32

Bitch move* :) haha. Seriously? The fuck? Leave op! Or move to a different seat and throw popcorn on them. Might as well have made the best of it.

  raraisbang  |  12

It still seems rude to bring a third wheel along without asking.

I mean, if someone invited you to go somewhere and you wanted to bring along another person, it just seems considerate to make sure the person that asked you is ok with it.

By  Welshite  |  39

That's when you creepily stalk them through the stores and stare at them over the clothes racks. You'll eventually make them so uncomfortable they'll be desperate to leave.

Trust me, it works every time. Uhh, I mean I think it works. Yeah...