By Nick - 26/01/2010 21:26 - United Kingdom

Today, I found out I have a daughter. How did I find out? She added me on Facebook. FML
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Wow. That is ****** up - so basically the mum told her daughter you were the father but didn't think to tell you she existed?

wow that's just awful. are you still in contact with the mom? if so then that's just messded up..


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my friend was looking for her dad on facebook. be easy on her. it's just as tough for them as it is for you.

easy way to avoid this...wait to have sex...

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just cause he has a daughter doesn't mean he was being a *****

he just lost his "not a fathers day" vacation

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you can pretty much assume he was if he had a daughter and didnt know it

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Am I the only one who calls absolute bull here?

that's how we found out about my half-sister. she friended my dad.

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or condoms? there like 5$ for a pack of 60

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164- So what? Everyone should remain celibate? **** that man!

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you people have to stop with this "first" s**t.

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So you're better off not knowing you had a daughter, OP?

You two like to assume the worst even when it's the least likely interpretation, huh? More like he probably wishes he'd known sooner, so he could have seen her grow up, rather than only finding out because she knew his name and added him. The mom could have had the decency to tell him.

"Like to assume the worst"??? I didn't assume a thing, thanks. I was answering her question based on my opinion. I didn't say, "He would THINK he was better off."

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@ Moemoemoe (#14 post) I'm sorry, but you have the wrong interpretation of my question and you are assuming the worst of me. I just post a question because of the lack of clarity. I was just wondering why the OP would think this is an FML. In result, I neither voted "agree" or "disagree" to this FML nor post a hurtful or sarcastic comment.

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#119: My comment was based on the fact you replied "yes" to the troll saying OP didn't want to know he had a daughter. Because you agreed with him, it seemed that you were doing the same as him, assuming the worst. In fact, it still seems that way based on just that one comment, but if you were not, cool.

I think OP would rather have found out in person than thru facebook. it's a bit impersonal for finding out you have a daughter.


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His point is He was suprised! And def. Shocking and that's his FML, not knowing he has a daughter.

Wow. That is ****** up - so basically the mum told her daughter you were the father but didn't think to tell you she existed?

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Or perhaps you're thinking of this in the wrong way. Perhaps OP is a sperm donor and the daughter did her research and found out who her father was. You never know. :)

I didn't know they gave out donor information. I always thought it was confidential.

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Ya, and you owe back child support, pay up!

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hahaha this fml is made of fail... funny way to put it :-D!!

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CallMeHush, are you my brother/sister too?

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#25 haa! Oh and to everyone arguing over FML posts, f-allll-your-lives!

well its easy. My half brother found me on facebook. If they know enough details like name. birthplace. everythign like that. they can prove they are related. in OP's case. the girl probably was like 'hey you did my mom Derpina Derpface back in 83' and here I am.

wow that's just awful. are you still in contact with the mom? if so then that's just messded up..

not calling fake, since this one's totally plausible, but it's a little reminiscent of this one:

You should have a DNA test done to make sure that she is really your daughter and if she is then: the woman you accidentally had your kid with didnt want you know because she might have thought you were going to run from the kid, or be a bad father figure.

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or maybe the mom isn't too sure who the real father is…

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I watch that a lot. "OP/Nick, you are NOT the father!"

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that is totally made up! you know if you have a daughter! so shut your ******* mouth

Cause the idea that he got a girl pregnant and left her is so implausible.

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Who likes to be irrationally angry? You do!

#12: Men give birth now? What makes you think he'd necessarily know he got some chick pregnant a while ago, if the chick never told him...?? And how about you go back to your room and sit in the corner until you learn to think and speak properly to the adults before you continue being vulgar for no reason?

couldn't be bothered adding to her stupid comments. (again)

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A couple of years ago my uncle found out he had a daughter just a year younger than me.

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You're an IDIOT!!! I was one of those doorstep daughters. My dad knew nothing of me untill I showed up one day because mom was stupid and didn't tell him. If this is true I feel for the guy.

oh right. when you have a child you automatically know. you get a pamphlet in the mail. thanks for clearing it up, dumbass.