By arghhh - 03/08/2009 02:40 - United States

Today, I finished my internship working in a government lab. I got paid $4000 for the summer. I was talking to my cousin, who said that when he worked as a carnie last summer he made $8000. I get paid half as much for doing research as a carnie does for serving people sno-cones. FML
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birds_fml 7

So what? A carnie is never going to go anywhere, you've got experience that will get you a better job and you'll end up with more in the end than a carnie ever could.

be thankful that you even got paid for an internship!


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You sure did a sorry job of picking a career.

and I get half as much as you for being a counselor/head counselor at the Y

birds_fml 7

So what? A carnie is never going to go anywhere, you've got experience that will get you a better job and you'll end up with more in the end than a carnie ever could.

Took the words right out of my mouth. That kind of experience is much more advantageous to your future than a carnie job, sure he may be four gran ahead right now in life but seriously...

yeh stop complaining ull go far ur pay will go up - by a lot his will go up - by a few dollars this really isnt a FML

Horde 8

Don't complain, I don't make near 4k$ in 3 months in hungary at my full time software developer job (and I call myself lucky that I'm one of the better paid ones in the country..)

Exactly my toughts, I'm tring real hard to find a job here in France, being french and speaking three languages, if i get a job paid minimum wage i'd be very happy.

but you don't live in the US. $4k in hungary might be a lot of money.

Shut it, you ignorant wanker. Yeah, so what even if $4k US in Hungary is a lot. It sure as hell ain't in the US, UK or hell, even Australia and Canada. That means no travel to the English-speaking countries.

yeah exactly. You probably did a lot less work, spent a lot less time sweating in the hot sun dealing with jerks, learned much more and got a great resume line when you apply for grad school or professional jobs. Internships are a damn dream as far as summer jobs go.

Horde 8

#45 What about coming here, working your ass down and paying more than 2/3 of your salary as taxes, the rest to upkeep and your debts? Then we'll see who is the ignorant wanker.. Btw I doubt he were working for a living in a summer job..

bskballa92 0

$4000 for a summer internship isn't bad for 2 1/2 months of work, you're lucky you get paid anything.

MTE... I don't even know any interns who get paid. :|

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be thankful that you even got paid for an internship!

Seriously... it's hard to find an internship that will pay you anything!

Agreed, most any internships pay like garbage if they pay at all... the point of them is to get experience anyways (they are basically training you in some if not most cases)

I get paid $3000 a month for my internship, plus benefits (health/dental insurance, 401(k) with company match, subsidized summer housing, moving expenses paid). Oh, and that's my first internship. Interns with previous experience or who have had an internship with the company before get more. You guys are doing it wrong.

I was JUST going to say this. Thank you!

snavula 0

For real, 8000 dollars in 3 months? Thats around 2670 dollars (rounding up) per month. Meaning the dude is making close to 750 a week? Not buying it. Never met a carnie that was raking in almost 18 bucks an hour.

i would never be a carnie. imagine having that on your resume....

oh my god i ageree with you so much. i hate carnvials for the main reason that there are carnies there. they give me the willies.

sandiejenkins 0

haha, the willies? awesome. Most of his money probably goes towards his meth addiction so I wouldn't trip. Wait a few years and you'll be making a lot more.

Imawhalerider 0

stop being a clown and man up. think! your education should have taught you that, and you probably have a shit load more money than him in the long run, just watch out for those student bills.

this is one of those FML's that cant be a YDI unless your a doucher.

RolandSlinger 1

Or unless you're aware that internships rarely pay a lot of money, as OP should have known going into the endeavor and is whining about the obvious result of their decision.

InigoMontoya 0

Well, if we get into socialism, you'll make exactly the same amount. Feel better?

I think you should learn what socialism is instead of making stupid claims like this one

...the point of an internship is on the job training. Not getting paid well. Or even at all.