By OutOfLuck - 17/09/2009 17:32 - United States

Today, my professor informed me that if I didn't "show more commitment" to my choral ensemble he would give my spot to a "more interested young woman." I missed class to see my neurologist. Apparently my seizures are a symptom of lack of commitment. FML
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Don't you just love professors and their assholery?

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wow. im sorry to hear about such a rude professor.


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first what? kid with no life? probably. OP: douchebag teacher ftl right? seizures are gay =

Did you tell him that? Just tell him why you were absent, and if he still decides that's not a good excuse and gets rid of you then just tell the head of his department and get his ass in serious trouble. If the department won't listen to you then it's a real FML. Otherwise you're just a whiny fool.

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wow. im sorry to hear about such a rude professor.

yea i knoww! but a lot of them are like that. but at least your professor didn't replace you...right? and he was probably thinking of replacing you with one of his "favorites." if ya know what i mean. sucksss

Sounds like your professor needs commitment... to a psychiatric facility.

Maybe you can pass off your seizures as some kind of choir dance! Just scream "Praise jesus!" while doing it!

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Lmfaoooooooo You're my new favorite commentor

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Dude..... You can't talk while having a seizure. My bro has them.

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Well did you tell him you would have to miss class that day for your appointment? If not YDI but if you did he's a dick

Don't you just love professors and their assholery?

I've had a teacher like this. Assuming he knew why you missed practice, there really is nothing you can do with people like that. To them, their craft is everything, and it comes before mental or physical well-being. You'll find that pretty frequently in the professional performing arts world as well, so make sure you're willing to put up with this for the rest of your life if you plan to go into this field.

Why did you make the appointment if it conflicted with choral ensemble class? You are the neurologist's customer and the customer is always right. Tell him you'll see him at YOUR convenience. Having a seizure during a performance will sure harsh everyone's mellow. Get a new hobby.

As a professional musician with seizures, you can make it work with a little understanding from the people around you. I have been lucky enough to have never seized on stage during a performance, but I have "seizure plans" for each one I play. Don't be so close-minded about what the she can and cannot do. OutofLuck- It sucks, and I've been there. Does your school have an office of disability services? I'd see if you can get accommodations through them.

Have you ever tried to get an appointment with a medical specialist? Depending on how many doctors of that specialty are in your area, what kind of work you need done, and what condition you have, you may have to schedule appointments months out. Pretty sure the practice has the first say in the times available to make an appointment with them in the first place, regardless of what crazy kind of demand-side capitalist system you think they might operate (haha) on. Plus, did it occur to you she might be going to the neurologist in an attempt to gain control over her seizures? Quit trolling FML and, speaking of, get a new hobby.

spunky_butt and jmeg, I was being facetious on both counts. I'm sure people would be compassionate if the OP seized during a performance. They wouldn't be rushing the box office for their money back. Also, I know how the medical system in this country works. The patient is the bottom of the food chain, so everything is done for the convenience and profit of the insurance companies, the imaging clinics, the hospitals, the doctors, the nurses and the doctors' billing staff, in that order. "Lighten up, Frances. Maybe someday one of these men is going to save your life."