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Today, I had to bribe my cousin with Monster Energy Drinks and Halo 5 so he wouldn't tell my mom I snuck out to meet a boy. I'm 24. FML
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Your 24? Surely you have the right to meet whatever boys you want.

If your parents aren't allowing you to live your life it might be time to try and move out.


Then don't sneak out.

adamg214 7

She's 24.

I think that at 24 she has the right to do whatever she wants.

Mortoli 30

24? wtf is she sneaking out for?

It really doesn't matter how old you are. If someone else (like your parents) is providing for you (like the roof you sleep under) you have to abide by their rules. It's common decency.

#67, she's 24. Well into adulthood. I think by mid 20's one should be able to talk to boys.

I'm not sure all she did was talk...

dragoongirl90 34

86, so the fuck what? By mid-twenties, it's her choice whether or not to fuck anyone.

Your 24? Surely you have the right to meet whatever boys you want.

dragoongirl90 34

I was just about to say the same thing.

*you're - The Grammar Nazi

It might be one of those "my house, my rules" situations where OP is old enough to hang with boys, but going out at night is not allowed as long as OP is under that roof.

itsy4boi 14

I agree with #25, but if your mom is that overprotective then I FYL but if not then YDI

I was living with my husband for a year when I was 18-19.. Had a problem where I had to stay with my mom for one month. She had the my house my rules crap with a curfew and all. I just don't understand when parents do that.

Well done Captain Obvious.

You married someone when you were 18-19?

Emma Marshall 19

It was very common back then.... no offence to the other commenter haha

If your parents aren't allowing you to live your life it might be time to try and move out.

I moved out recently because I'm an only child so my parents used to watch me like hawks. It was the best decision I've ever made. If I can do it, so can you OP. Time to take control of your life and not let others tell you what to do.

Just start singing Rage Against The Machine songs, maybe they'll get the picture.

They won't get the picture. They'll just barge in the room and scream, "TURN THAT GARBAGE DOWN! Half the county can hear you!" Parents. Amirite?

And then you just say "fuck you I won't do what you tell me" over and over until they leave. What could possibly go wrong?

#31 Twisted Sister

#61 They could kick her out. Generally 24 year olds don't live with their parents unless they have to. So getting kicked out would be your plan going very wrong.

They really need to make understanding sarcasm a prerequisite for going on FML.

you're 24 and you're meeting a "boy". I can imagine why you should hide that..

If your mom is so strict on you meeting guys when you're 24, it sounds like it's time to move out. If for any reason you are not able to because of money or such, try talking to your mom. Tell her you are 24 now, an adult, and that you should be allowed to meet guys if you want to. Good luck OP!:)

maybe she is still in college or is working on moving out

Agreed. Setting boundaries with your parents is hard but necessary

#64 She lives with her parents, that means her parents set the boundaries, and she abides by them or leaves.

I know the feeling Op. Might be time to move out.

Did you sneak out to meet Romeo again? Juliet?!

juliet was 13.

And Romeo was 17. Read the script, #10.

U so naughty

I know your pain, some parents just don't know when to let go and realize you're too old to be scolded or "told" you aren't allowed to do things. Also guys, who knows, maybe they're trying to be financially smart and are going to college or something : (

That's what I was thinking

an ass whoopin wiukd have sufficed