By Anonymous - 15/09/2020 13:31 - India - Delhi

Today, I fell asleep in the middle of an online class. Now everyone calls me Sleeping Beauty. FML
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Aw, that's cute. Much better than Rip Van Winkle!

Could have been worse like "The Drooler" LOL


Aw, that's cute. Much better than Rip Van Winkle!

Could have been worse like "The Drooler" LOL

Raven_13 7

I used to fall asleep in a lot of my classes in high school. There was one time I was in chemistry and had fallen asleep and my teacher brought it up to the whole class calling me “Sleeping Beauty” and I sat straight up and said “I heard ever word you just said” and the whole class went silent and my teacher jumped in fright 😂 happens to the best of us

Kraths 16

I used to fall asleep in class, a few teachers would wake, a couple others ignore me and one actively promoted stacking erasers on my head, probably the coolest teacher I had

I used to fall asleep in high school. school is boring, and then you sit there for long periods of time. you cant talk unless given permission, cant entertain yourself without risk of punishment and most teachers are boring and avoid involving the students except to ask a few questions... the add this to it being online and it is a good way to fall asleep... and yes I know the point is not to be fun, and you should respect the teacher enough to blah blah blah... talk to your teacher/s about not being able to keep engaged with the lesson... or ignore it and use Google when you have a question.

If your the a student, I don't see it as a big deal. Your classmates will forget before long,and I'm sure online classes can be boring. If your a teacher that would be a hilarious. I don't think you can live that down, maybe you should look for a new job.

sahi hai. mazey karo