By Anonymous - 16/07/2009 00:17 - United States

Today, I took my road test. I'd never had driver's training and my mom taught me how to drive. I failed the test so badly, and when I got home my mom admitted to having taught me how to drive completely wrong because she didn't want me to get my license as she thinks I'm too young. I'm 18. FML
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file a complaint that your mom tried to have you killed.

marxmarv 0

The best revenge takes only five words: "I choose your nursing home."


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wow. that sucks.

I am willing to bet $10 that the OP was a woman.

it says that the OP is a woman right next to her name...

I'm willing to bet #97 is an idiot. So is #150 and any other morons claiming the only bad drivers are female. OP: That really sucks... She should pay you for the test fee if there is one (though it sounds like she wouldn't do that). Take real driver class and try again.

You're the only fuckin' moron here if you think that it's untrue. Get out of that pool full of shit you call denial.

@166: Oh, that's real cute. I've only ever been in one car accident, and would you like to guess the gender of the driver who t-boned me because they thought I was in a different lane? It was a guy, and he wasn't even on a cell phone, he was just pure stupidity driving his momma's truck at college. I see plenty of retarded drivers of all kinds, not just women, so cut this shit out.

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god made women for the kitchen, not the road, dammit.

file a complaint that your mom tried to have you killed.

for real though, that horrible not to mention dangerous.

Thats somthing my mom would do FYL

same here sadly.....

same here sadly.....

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yeah my mom would have done the same thing, i'm 18 now and she still comes up with different ways to keep my from getting my license.

it's not hard to all

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my mom just never taught me FML

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Something like this happened once on an episode of Grounded For Life.

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That's what I was thinking. Did your mom teach you the W-Turn?

and an episode of family guy

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you're 18; go to a real drivers ed class. you don't deserve it of course. That's a really fucked up thing your mom did.

What a bitch. Get a friend to teach you how to actually drive, and try the test again.

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The best revenge takes only five words: "I choose your nursing home."

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ha ha ha ha! love it. And yea, OP, your mom sounds like a miniacle, manipulative bitch. learn to drive, steal the car and run away!!

Hehe! Nice one

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punch her in the throat. that shit is not right, its not her decision, you are legally an adult, go kick her ass and learn to drive.

I understand moms don't want their kids to grow up... but that's taking it too far. you could have been killed.