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Today, I took my road test. I'd never had driver's training and my mom taught me how to drive. I failed the test so badly, and when I got home my mom admitted to having taught me how to drive completely wrong because she didn't want me to get my license as she thinks I'm too young. I'm 18. FML
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  intotheblue  |  0

I'm willing to bet #97 is an idiot. So is #150 and any other morons claiming the only bad drivers are female.

OP: That really sucks... She should pay you for the test fee if there is one (though it sounds like she wouldn't do that). Take real driver class and try again.

  joshua70448  |  0

@166: Oh, that's real cute. I've only ever been in one car accident, and would you like to guess the gender of the driver who t-boned me because they thought I was in a different lane? It was a guy, and he wasn't even on a cell phone, he was just pure stupidity driving his momma's truck at college. I see plenty of retarded drivers of all kinds, not just women, so cut this shit out.