By jacques - 02/02/2010 14:08 - Australia

Today, I ran into my ex's family, and found out they are going to Europe. Funnily enough, so am I. Even funnier is the fact that we are going on the same date, at the same time, on the same flights, and the tour starts on the same day in the same place. FML
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I'm not sure if you are the stalker or the stalked.

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Birds of the same feather flock together. :P


Um, I don't think that this is possible. I is....but it's very rare that this would happen without some sort of planning. If this really DID happen, FYL.

agreed I call fake if this was a cruise then I say yes

rescedual if it's that big of a deal

I fall cake too

talk about timing ehh!!!! XDDDD

Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

fyl for not knowing funier isn't a word

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do you both go to the same travel agent?

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@13, lmao!!! sunny fhit

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If you broke up with her, FYL. If she broke up with you, think of this as an opportunity to get on their good side. Then they can go back home and tell your ex how much of a mistake it was letting you go.

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hey OP... one thing. fake. another thing "funnily" is not a word...

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haha lol what?

dude that's easy booty .... oh ya funnily is not a word

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@85 Funnily actually is a word, thanks much. As is "whilst," which idiots on this website also seem to have issue grasping. @The rest of you: The OP is implying that her ex is STALKING HER. Fucking DUH. Thank you, that is all.

Funnily is a word dumbass

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maybe your ex set it up just to be a buttface

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@13, whaaaaaat? OP, that's creepy. :| how was your trip?

fake and if it is real, YDI for saying funnily

time to rekindle some old flames!

is this good or bad

I'm not sure if you are the stalker or the stalked.

^ lol, agreed

lol thats what i was thinking

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they stalked him if he dumped her. if she dumped him then he fallowed them. or it just happend

well, what I think is that the OP's ex's family had probally planed it to surprise OP, but they broke up and never cared to cancel becuase they probally already payed

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How did this get on here? Clearly this is fake.

yeah this is very improbable unless there is a stalker involved

I think that this clearly implies that there's a stalker involved. Haven't we seen enough FMLs with crazy Exes going out of their way to stalk to realize that this is what OP is probably implying?

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Birds of the same feather flock together. :P

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So which one of her family members did you get to slip you all the info?

YDI for going on one of those retarded guided European tours.

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#10 Shut it you racist cunt

racist? you, sir, are a dumb-fuck.

Racism applies to skin colour and other attributes associated with a specific group of people - Caucasian, Hispanic, Native American, Asian, Black. There are other terms for these, but these are most common. Europe is a continent with a collection of countries. It is not a race of people. The person you replied to is not racist, just rude.

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He is not rude. He might just think the tours of Europe suck and traveling without a group is more fun. I know I would hate to do a guided tour.

funnily? I know it's a word. it just sounds weird.

That's just flat out creepy

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