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Today, I experienced the most intense pain I have ever had in my life. I was eating blueberries when my sister made a comment which sent me into hysterics. The force of having a bullet-like berry violently shoot out your nostril is more painful than it sounds. FML
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That sucks, but if that is the most intense pain you've experienced then you're doing pretty well....

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You must not have had a lot of pain.

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Or is s/he doing well for that being the worse pain s/he's experienced

I moderated this. It wasn't worded this colorful at that time..

Be careful with what you say 52, I once made a similar comment and it got moderated by some staff guy from the site and I received the scariest email I've ever gotten

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She doesn't know what it's like to get nut-shotted

Its not the pain u get with the nut shot that makes it bad, its the ten minutes+ you are grasping ur pants for dear life because it wont go away haha

I had spicy noodles go Up my nose when I was a kid and it was pretty dam bad...

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shooting a blueberry through my nose was the most intense pain in my life... then I took an arrow to the knee ;)

I hate when people post something incredibly short and/or not funny just so they can be first to reply.

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Try passing a kidney stone, you've never experienced pain until you get one of those bitches

After reading this again I noticed that OP describes her blueberry as "bullet-like"...I'm sorry I just feel like that's a terrible comparison. A soft and small fruit that weighs less than an ounce is NOT similar to a bullet used to kill people...maybe a different analogy?

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kidney stones are literally the most intense pain I have ever felt. I got my first one when I was NINE years old.

How did the bluberry get in OP's nose in the first place? Maybe I just can't read... you have sk, sk, sk, skoomaaaa? Skooma! Skooma! oh god I'm such a nerd

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Really? I'd never have's not like OP said anything about it being painful...what? They did?

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61- lmao oblivion xD I got that guy so much skooma and killed him xD

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No i'm dead serious.... kidney stones are so much worse

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I'm not gonna lie, this string of comments totally lost me lol

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78- 89 maybe? Her profile is bad in the grammar category.

lmao, Waldo is in the book, in the library, which Is in schools, where people go to learn. DUHHH

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Don't laugh and eat blueberries next time.

I've only read three of your comments and I already don't like you one bit. You are either a massive troll or a bumbling idiot.

It's hardly OPs fault, everyone laughs, she just happened to be eating some blueberries.

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11, she's a bumbling idiot. Have you read her profile? Grammar Nazis would go ape shit on her.

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And where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?!

Must have been the most ******* hilarious comment ever made. That or you are mentally challenged, OP.

Sir, your profile picture has now made me scared of bananas, as I think it is going to sexually assault me.

It will slowly insert itself in your mouth and force you to stroke and chocke on it. Then, you'll have to swallow. YOU LIKE THAT !?

Boom, Banana Pudding in the back of your throat!!

Wow. I tried putting that picture as my profile picture quite a while back but it wouldn't let me because it was to "innapropriate"

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That sounds like a berry bad feeling actually...

You misspelled ver... Oh wait ! HOLY SHIT WHAT A GREAT PUN ! *explodes*

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I wonder what she said that was so funny...

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No you don't. I figure you should know better after OP's close call. Curiosity already killed the cat - do we really need to have it kill the dog as well?

squirrel1215 5 are you trying to say that you eat things that come out of people's noses? O.o

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Yes, because I was obviously being completely serious there. *Eats cookie*

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Nobody in their right mind would take food from T.I. You don't want to know where that cookie has been. :/

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