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By littlegirl - 07/05/2011 04:46 - Canada

Today, I was sitting with my crush at lunch. Trying to flirt, I tried to stare seductively into his eyes while sucking on my straw. I missed. The straw shot straight up my nose, causing me the worst nose bleed of my life. FML
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Stare seductively? I bet you scared the shit out of him with your creepy stare.


lol how cute i would of just said it happens to the best of us

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how cute? it's actually annoying when girls TRY to act cute in front of guys. OP deserved it.

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Hey, who knows, maybe he's a vampire in which case you DID turn him on.

Not really.. what kind of guy wants a girl who can't aim towards her mouth..

87 im pretty sure he was being sarcastic..

97, 87 would have to be stupid to not know that 4 was being sarcastic. ever heard of two people making sarcastic remarks? lol

Don't bother trying to act cute... just get on your knees and--JK, but really, don't bother trying to act cute... shut like that will happen... again.

Stare seductively? I bet you scared the shit out of him with your creepy stare.

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Well now he knows where not to stick it.

next time, use a banana, it won't fit in ur nose

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I always break my banana into pieces before I eat them. Even when I'm home alone. I don't know why but I just do.(:

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I do that with those big pickles lol

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yet. key word "yet". it won't fit into her nose yet

well, 47/67, u seem to have an aversion to put cylindrical objects in your mouth, on behalf of the male population that's unfortunate:-p BUT WAIT!!! there is a cure!!! and it takes lots of practice...

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that takes a lot if skill to do what you did