By lovethateuropeanblood - 08/12/2014 14:12 - Japan - Osaka

Today, I enjoyed the soft caressing touch of the person I'm attracted to. It would have been even better if he weren't simply stroking my arm hair in amazement at its superior length and density. FML
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At least he was impressed?

unicornluver3173 13

"Warm kitty, soft kitty. Little ball of fur."


At least he was impressed?

"How majestic your arm hair is! how foolish I was to not realize that you are truly the only one for me!"

#9, that would make the story of Rapunzel a hell of a lot stranger.

Don't worry, just remember you're not alone; my sister has the same problem

OP don't worry about it! Some guys actually find some well kept arm hair attractive.

RedPillSucks 31

well kept? like in a bun? or perhaps braided? The courageous girl can go Rasta

Or she. We can't just assume. :)

Sorry, just re-read the post. Nothing like well kept arm hair. ;)

time for wax to impress your crush...

Why should op wax? He was impressed by the arm hair..

Why the **** would anyone wax their ARM hair anyway?

because some people take pleasure in not looking like a wooly mammoth. no girl wants to be seen with thick, dense black hair carpeting their arms.

#15, same reason someone wouldn't: Because they feel like it.

I'm not hairy at all but I still wax or shave (depending on if I have time) including my arm hairs. I own a waxing kit at home. They're only around $40. I like the clean way it looks. No one should be told what to do with their body hairs including being told that they shouldn't wax either.

exactly. you shouldn't have to change your appearance for your crush. i mean unless its like showering more than once a month, maybe throwing on some deodorant if needed, etc.

#32, the fact that deodorant is a "maybe" for you is something I find concerning.

34, you do know that deodorant isn't good for you, right?

#35 wrong. Most anti-perspirants aren't good for you. Most aerosol deodorants aren't good for you. That doesn't mean we should all stop using deodorant (which actually isn't bad for you at all) and start a body odour revolution. And personally, I'll be sticking to my nice chemically-induced sweatlessness and my anti-perspirant. I'd rather be moderately unhealthy than smell like a homeless person.

37,I never said I don't use it. Also, there are loads of people with non-smelling sweat. So they could easily go without deodorant. Not everyone who doesn't use it smells like "a homeless person".

miss saicere, i personally don't really sweat, so yes, deodorant is a maybe for me. my boyfriend doesn't wear it and he doesn't sweat

To #37 & 42. How do you know what homeless people smell like?

Just be glad they don't know what homeless people taste like.

PSYqualiac 17

Deodorant isn't a need... it's just helpful so the world doesn't smell people's B.O. which not everyone produces. But deodorants don't work for everyone either. #2, why should she wax? Explain. He liked it. OP, best of luck.

Where does it say he liked it? Oh it doesn't.

#8 I don't think he was impressed because he liked it, it seems like he's just never seen arm hair that long on a woman.

Maybe you should have a lengthy discussion with him...

firstly, your comment is a horrible pun. secondly, your shirt is off in your profile picture, douche.

unicornluver3173 13

"Warm kitty, soft kitty. Little ball of fur."

unicornluver3173 13

"Happy kitty, sleepy kitty. Purr,purr,purr."

I'm only down voting this comment because you got the lyrics wrong.

unicornluver3173 13

And look how many ***** I don't give!

"It was just banter." Is what she should've said.

PSYqualiac 17

You're so great at memorizing song lyrics... Bazinga!

unicornluver3173 13

Lol bruh


sometimes you have to take what you can get......

Hey, on the bright side. He admires something about you. Don't always look down on yourself.

fooly-wooly! savor the moment!

lowkeybelieber 7

That's hairassment.

xluciferx666 21

Hey if you got it flaunt it don't be embarrassed embrace your individuality

"Well, since you're willing to pet hairy things"... *winks*