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Today, I finally made a Facebook account after being home-schooled my entire life. I friended people that I know and their friends, and subsequently sparked a debate on whether or not I exist. FML
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Well if you've never met some of the people you friended can you blame them?


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#37, are you female? The masculine for "alone" is "solus."

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You should have joined the side that said no, Sasquatch.

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#78, he/she lost the coin flip. Honestly, I considered that alternative!

Just because you are home schooled does not mean you can't leave your house. Maybe they have forgotten who you are.

It does for me, my parents think everywhere is a bad influence on me. It took me a while to convince them to send me to a public highschool

Well if you've never met some of the people you friended can you blame them?

Good job on reaching out. "any publicity is good publicity"- P.T. Barnum

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You can. It's just weird. But some people do it as a hobby - we've all gotten those odd requests from Asian fangirls.

Asian fangirls? Wow. I must be using the wrong profile pic, all I get is "single" Indian men in their 40's...

Facebook sucks and will eventually conquer us all. That is my final warn.!&$;@(^# [NO CARRIER]

Overused reply to a.!&$;@(^# [NO CARRIER]

Well I thought it was .!&;@(^#[NO CARRIER]

Wow. Can't you guys tell this is just a j-@:$£|£+]% [NO CARRIER]

Huh this looks like a shi$&:!?@& [CARRIER TRANSFERED] Hi, I'm here to tell you about horrible overused comments, please if you would, not for me, or for yourself, but for the whole of humanity not ever say what was nearly just posted. Thank you sincerely. -V

Maybe you should have just friended the people you actually know-just a thought. I understand you may have been trying to form new relationships with people but maybe rather than friending random people, have a small get together and have your friends bring their friends.

You never tell friends to bring friends. Haven't you seen high school movies? Three hundred people magically find your house, someone winds up hanging from the chandelier, and your parents always show up at the most inconvenient time with their hands on their hips.

What is the purpose of existence? For all we know, we might just be in the matrix..

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Facebook IS the matrix. First they experimented with online farming, next it's online SIMs, soon you wont be able to tell the difference between online and reality.

We'll all be like the fat people on Wall-E.

@38, Even I would be pissed if I could no longer be Sesshomaru after taking the red pill.