By Soresack - 04/01/2010 13:34 - United States

Today, I slipped on a patch of ice and fell. I would have fallen straight onto my ass, but thankfully my testicles broke my fall. FML
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u have balls on ur butt?

Hilarious. But ow.


Hilarious. But ow.

He lives in Arizona? I don't believe there's any ice there.

You're absolutely retarded. The Rocky Mountains run through Arizona, and there are dozens of ski resorts. Lrn2geographyplz.

I guess you feel so good now that you replied to the first post and said something unrelated just so people can see your post as soon as the page loads ... and realize that you don't know geography.

why are everybodys thinking that if u is hitting in testicles it is hurting u gais r all biiiiig puzzies

@ #70 why are you failing so hard with typing? and apparently you either have no balls for a guy or are a woman, either way you can not make any kind of assumption based on the pain involved so stfu and go back to downloading cartoon **** you ******* douche bag.

Lol calm down did you hammer you balls or something?

i didnt, at the time i just got 'sacked by my brother... to i was actually feeling this guys' pain

Hahaha Douche bag fits well with his username doesn't it xD

hahahah, I laughed at this. sometimes it's nice being a girl.


# 126 yeah i know right :P

Insomniasenemy 6

#58 LEARN grammar PLEASE and calling someone a retard is offensive

I feel your pain bro.

Jesus christ your balls must be loose! Are you age 80+ ?

dudeitsdanny 9

That's what I was wondering. It must suck to use the toilet with balls that hang that low.

iv sat on my balls before its not hard, im only 16 as well. how high are your balls?

y are his balls behind his ass? see this is y most ppl force little boys to wear tighty whities... less saggage later

u have balls on ur butt?

lol win comment

johncow123 0

u dont?

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your ******* retarded

ouchh!!! :S sucks for you!! some FML's are ******* painful!!

Somebody dropped the ball.

Glad I don't have balls because that sounds painful

You're probably one of the ugliest people I've ever seen...

You probably haven't looked in the mirror lately.

You can't see her eyes, that is usually what determines the quality of a face. So quite being a ******* asshole and ruining FML with your unrelated comments.

wazdog 4

Lol Everyone's checking her profile to see if she is indeed ugly.

She's not even ugly. And it seems like you have a fake pic up on your profile cause you are indeed ugly.

you did it to #72, dumb bitch, and I don't see how this fml could be possible

FutureUSM 16

I could be wrong, mainly because this never happened to me, but it could happen if they swing underneath you as you fall. If it's possible to sit on them it's possible to fall on them.

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Did they bounce you back up?

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Do you have a case of black and blue balls?