By ShowerGirl - 30/04/2013 07:54 - United States

Today, while I was in the shower, I heard a door slam. Assuming it was my fiancé, I shouted "I love you!" I later opened the bathroom door to see my stereo and television missing. I'd said "I love you" to whoever robbed my apartment. FML
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Just be glad they didn't take the "I love you" as an invitation..


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Yes, she should've known and promptly hopped out of the shower, grabbed her double barrel shotgun that she conveniently keeps by the toilet and gone after him. That's what any sane person would've done!

stewpididiot 11

well it probably wouldnt be the only pump action in the bathroom.

Usually when I call out to someone and they don't reply, I assume they didn't hear me. Not that they're a burglar who's broken into my house.

Robbers need love too I guess... And TV's and stereos by the sound of things.

Maybe your I love you will make them think about it and return your stuff next time you're in the shower. Unlikely, but not impossible

In a parallel universe I'm a mermaid. Sometimes that's the only thing that gets me through the day.

tvsrockson 6

Who knows they might even join you.

Just be glad they didn't take the "I love you" as an invitation..

ElementaryEdGuy 18

Thinking about it, that is a weird way to greet someone. I don't know that I've ever said "I love you" as soon as they walk through the door. Shouldn't she have said something more typical like..."Hello?"

No! People always say that in horror movies, and look how it ends for them.

perdix 29

#8, maybe he did and he RSVP'ed his regrets. In that case, he'd have also stolen her self-confidence.

That's not weird, that's how my husband and I greet each other when we hear the other come in. It's nice :)

At least you came out of the situation unharmed.

I guess you could say OP got the "cold shoulder". Though OP did forget to mention the robber stole his heart too.