By Anonymous - 24/08/2009 07:09 - United States

Today, I ended up gashing my leg rather badly on the corner of a chair, fell to the ground with a very loud thud, and yelled "OH F*CK ME!!". I hobbled to the bathroom making more noise in the process. My neighbor came by and asked if I could "keep my sex noise to a minimum". FML
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What an awkward thing to shout upon hurting yourself. O_o

YDI for having sex with the chair


What an awkward thing to shout upon hurting yourself. O_o

lmao i scream that all the time when i hurt myself =0

Why doesn't anyone here on FML actually bother to tell their neighbour what's going on rather than misleading them on purpose? FML has become so monotonous recently.

#8 was right; shouting "oh fuck ME" is completely different and not all that weird when you hear it aloud. I say that all the time, either that or "fuck me sideways!" which is another thing that looks weird but really isnt.

If you know this site then you should've yelled "FUCK MY LIFE" instead.

You should have told your neighbour: "FUCK ME, FUCK YOU"

i agree pretty awkward to say the me part i heard "oh fuck" but never fallowed with a me seems unnatural to say it with the me i say "damn it" "holy shit" "oh fuck" or "SHEETTT!!!"

That's just hilarious... but fyl for the gash.

I prefer going with the classic "Aaaahhh! Kelly Clarkson!!" Lol

Wow, that really sucks!

omg what is up with ur pic???? lmao

That's what she said! :D

who the hell yells "oh fuck me"

It's not "oh FUCK me", it's "oh fuck ME"... there's a difference.

YDI for having sex with the chair

haha I did that too! I was in class and my work got deleted on the computer soo i yelled fuck me! lmfao the class was silent so everyone heard me everyone stared laughing...well not the teacher. lol

did u yell it or say it kinky like..?

hahaa i get it[: lol no shit but whatever. can ur neighbors really hear u yelling in ur house? ur houses must be pretty close.

Your neighbor doesn't know what sex sounds like!

lmao! I always scream when I get hurt or I'm pissed or something hahahaha OP, you made ne laugh, thanks. :)