By Anonymous - / Monday 24 August 2009 07:09 / United States
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Why doesn't anyone here on FML actually bother to tell their neighbour what's going on rather than misleading them on purpose? FML has become so monotonous recently.


#8 was right; shouting "oh fuck ME" is completely different and not all that weird when you hear it aloud. I say that all the time, either that or "fuck me sideways!" which is another thing that looks weird but really isnt.


i agree pretty awkward to say the me part i heard "oh fuck" but never fallowed with a me seems unnatural to say it with the me i say "damn it" "holy shit" "oh fuck" or "SHEETTT!!!"

haha I did that too! I was in class and my work got deleted on the computer soo i yelled fuck me! lmfao the class was silent so everyone heard me everyone stared laughing...well not the teacher. lol

hahaa i get it[: lol no shit but whatever. can ur neighbors really hear u yelling in ur house? ur houses must be pretty close.

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