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Today, I stubbed my toe against the corner of my bed, causing me to gasp and moan in pain. My parents overheard, and now I'm getting the full coming of age talk and how I shouldn't lie about what I was doing. I didn't do anything. FML
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My parents were all, "orgasms are natural & beautiful things, after all, thats how we created you."

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For some reason, your username and comment look very strange together.


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Meh. It can go both ways :)

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what will the pain or the talk or the virginity?

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The embarrassing thing about this FML is that OP is a guy.

don't judge those of us who make sex noises when we get hurt..

They don't like it as much as u do... I think

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OP u moron, if that happens, ure supposed to scream: "MY TOE!!!" from the top of ur lungs

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what does that mean?!?!? hmmm???- (says the little boy)

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okay fine... I don't know what it means... -.-"

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I accidentally read this at first glance as "you need to call a toe f*ck". lol lol lol.

the birds and the bees, the holes and the trees :)

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the birds,the bees, the holes, the trees... LOVE IT !

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aaahaha! birds and the bees! u must have a sexy groan

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For some reason, your username and comment look very strange together.

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haha I get it that's awesome!

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132- drop it like it's hot drop it like it's hot ^ sorry. couldnt resist the urge. her username....

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why is this comment bad!? why are any of these bad!?

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"it's horrible that intelligence is frowned apon nowadays." Yep. spoken like a true juggalo.

damn straight eh , I use that excuse all the time ;) nah just kiddddds i actually always stub my toe on my bed and I just swear instead of moaning & screaming ...

yeah he sure did and yeah I put that no denying that but if u stereotype then you have no intelligence to rely on now can we get back to the FML

natas_fml 13

It's not stereotyping when every juggalo I've ever met (there's a lot) has been a pretentious idiot who thinks they're special.

well im sorry for that, but it still shows that you would still judge someone for a username. And by the way, the reason I think you saw us mostly as pretentious idiots is because when you see some one like that they tend to stand out. most of the time the majority (I hope) of us who aren't walking around worshiping icp and yelling whoop whoop like a 5 year old that just found out about sex, are doing something worthwhile and productive.

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"Pretentious" is the word people use to describe juggalos? Really? I thought it was "trailerpark". Or "deaf".

I bet the thump of ur toe hitting the bed sounded like something else to them right? ;)

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My parents were all, "orgasms are natural & beautiful things, after all, thats how we created you."

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I thought a stork brought me!... :O

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and then you cried yourself to sleep imagining your parents

Obviously they let you abuse the ferret to the max

orgasims are great though! no much is more fun than an orgasim!

Orgasims. That's when you fake it, right?

my parents still tell me about the stork also!

My parents told me I was made from true laziness!

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Haha I am an adopted Chinese baby so when I was little I thought that you just went to China and picked out a baby! :D

did they Come up and tell you not to touch anything Hard? or did they give you a proper demonstration? Actions speak louder than words.

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Your comments annoy me a lot.

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okay ... thats nice ... you annoy me as well , now **** off and go bitch somewhere else.

^how about you go bitch somewhere else bitch.

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who the **** are you ? stupid bitch you dont even know me an your chasing me all around FML telling me that my comments are annoying. go away , your ******* pathetic.

If you guys don't like her comments, don't fricken read them!

no one says lolol anymore. your such a nub

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maserati gransport coupe! that must have cost a jealous!

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120.. who are you? are you trying to join this little group to look cool? you shouldnt care what i say. you stupid bitch. now go take your phone number off your profile. its not the safest thing to do.

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I'm sorry to burst your bubble lilmissfail, but 130 DOES have a point...

120 - No one takes pictures with peace signs while blowing a bubble anymore either you nub. Shut up, she can say lolol if she wants to.

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Hahahah so true. Maybe she was in " hippie mode "o___O while taking the picture?..LOLOLOL

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Ohh yeeaahhh, I just did that.^^^^ :O

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141/142 - thank you. im glad im not the only one who finds her stupid.

I find you ALL stupid. If you don't like reading stupid comments, don't read them. If you don't want stupid comments following your stupid post, don't post a stupid comment. It's not hard. Staceysgenesis - Is there any particular reason you're quick to flip out? Go take some Midol, please.

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156.. yes... i "flip out" because i dont like bitches like you who think they can come and talk shit about me and my comments. its pointless. you think you sound smart when you type long comments dont you? mhmm ... shut the **** up. AHAH "go take some midol please.". go shove some midol up your ass.

Stacey - First of all, that comment was longer than hers. You're stupid. You need to chill the **** out. You really need some respect, unless you're one of those slutty, bitchy hoe-bags that never change. And please, if you're going to continue to be such a stupid bitch, get the **** off this website because I'm sure most people get ******* tired and annoyed by seeing your comments. Thank you, All the FML users.