By AlphonseMuchacha - Australia
  Today, my flatmate came home from a date with the same guy that I have been in love with since high school. As I type, can hear them having sex through our paper thin walls. FML
AlphonseMuchacha tells us more :
Hey all OP here. Thanks for all the kind words. For those wondering, I gave my flatmate my blessing. The guy and I dated for a little while but it didn't work out, for him at least. I still harbour feelings for him but want them both to happy. Still sucks though.
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  cocacola999  |  27

#10 - Still, why not go to his place? Or at least try to be quiet? No matter how paper thin walls are, it is perfectly possible to be quiet enough (speaking from personal college experience). It seems deliberate and hurtful, if they knew.

  gracehi  |  31

Uh, no, 10. A person can be madly in love someone who doesn't reciprocate their feelings. Been there, done that. And whether OP has made a move or not, dated him in the past or not, or whatever the circumstances may be, if the roommate knows how she feels about the guy, it is extremely cruel to throw it in her face that she's fucking him by doing it in the apartment so she knows and hears what's happening as it's happening. I can't imagine the emotional pain OP was experiencing when she typed this FML.

  ndts  |  4

I'm going to have to agree with your point about being in love with someone. But it does make OPs flatmate a cunt if she did know, which I'm just going to assume was not the case

I'd love some clarification from the OP though


Aveera you're operating under the assumption that OP is angry at the flat mate/the guy. She may simply be sad about how things turned out and be frustrated (sexually and otherwise) and so decided to post on FML. Nothing wrong with that

  Thegoofygoober  |  15

#33 the problem here is there is too many story book lunatics. tell a guy you like him, if he doesn't reciprocate back then move on. but how do we know the room mate even knows she liked him? again assumptions made by hurt in the past people.

By  anonymuse_fml  |  31

Did you ever tell the boy in question that you loved him or did you just watch and silently pine over him, waiting for him to notice you? If the former, FYL. If the latter, YDI.

By  CamBamShamDaMan  |  26

If u loved him since high school and im assuming ur in college why wont u do anything about it, i mean do u think hes gonna read ur mind or something so stop being sorry...... Unless ur roommate knew u were after him thats kinda fucked...