My ears!

By PoorMe - 22/02/2013 13:06 - United States

Today, I muted the TV just in time to hear my mom yell at my dad about how their sex life is "non-existent". FML
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It's better than hitting mute and hearing a very loud sex life from your parents!

F your moms life not yours!


F your moms life not yours!

coolboy675 16

Literally or no?

Not a single F was given that day...

Or that week... Or that month....

Maybe next time. Then you'll get the instant gratification of "furst, bitchez!" and get to sit back with the satisfaction that for once in your pathetic life, you were first at something. But that day is not today Edit: Oh, you changed it to '2nd'. Just as clever, but not quite as interesting.

whiteboy896 9

Parents...they say the darnest things dont they?

It's better than hitting mute and hearing a very loud sex life from your parents!

Not really. Yeah, that would be disturbing and awkward, but at least OP would be reassured that his/her parents are still happy together. Now OP knows that they're not, and I'm sure that must be quite a burden for OP. Sorry, OP. Every relationship has its ups and downs. Maybe things well get better for your parents if they give it a chance.

So you'd rather hear your parents copulating? I wonder what Freud would say about that. Just because people have sex doesn't mean they're happy and vice versa.

May be but if the parents are fighting about it I dont think they're that happy. And how is that better than hearing your parents having sex? wouldn't you prefer them being happy instead of fighting?

25 read the FML again... the mother didn't sound particularly happy.

Better than the noises you could've heard...Those sounds could fell a rhino.

Ehh you get 1 out of 5

Eh, you get 1/+∞

Pleo, you get 1 divided by 0...because your comments are too good to define ;) and as for this "slayertack," his mom definitely gave me 2 thumbs up

Are we still counting out of 5 here? Because then I wonder where she got the additional thumbs, and what she was doing with them if she wasn't sticking them up for you.

2 for her, 2 for me, and the one that slayer just gave me

Your poor mother?

I wish parents wouldn't talk about sex with their kids in the house. It's really uncomfortable.

kxxjoejoexxk 8

Uhhhhh you realize theres a difference between talking about sex and arguing about a sex life right?

Oops read the fml wrong thumbed down.

How can he be that negligent towards his wife? That motherfu-- Wait, wait. No.

How is this an fml? It would be different if she was trying to tell you every detail of it.

Doesn't suck to be you, sucks to be her. That's when people get the bright idea to sex the mailman.