By Stephanie Peugh - United States - Loudonville
Today, during my daughter's 8th birthday at a skating rink, a family showed up that didn't RSVP. The mother brought all 3 of her kids and left them at the party alone. She didn't feed them lunch and they followed me around the whole time asking for money. FML
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  Nailah Butler  |  4

why traumatize the kids like that to punish and embarrass the mom. The cops are going to ask and she is going to say she forgot to rsvp but if one of the kids knows your kid then you are just going to look immature and petty

  Gamessence  |  19

heck yeah! smh for mooching on others.

By  MadJess  |  15

As a person, this disturbs me to no end ... And as a mother, it just plain infuriates me!
What kind of person just abandons their children somewhere?? I don’t get humans anymore .. I really don’t!

  Gamessence  |  19

she probably thought the parent was dumb enuf to give em food. fuckin moochers.

By  Seeya55  |  31

I sure hope you stood up for yourself and reamed her out away from her kids. Ask for compensation, and don't back down. Probably too late to do it now though. :\

By  DanielleinDC  |  32

I'm going to guess that they weren't invited to the party, that the shitty excuse for a mother thought she could cadge some free babysitting. Did your daughter seem to know them?

And yeah, I hope you yelled at the mother for just abandoning her kids like that.